SQL Server Change Auditing

SQL Server Audit Available standalone or part of the LepideAuditor Suite

Auditing SQL Server is more than just watching for changes. IT Pros work within SQL Server daily, requiring an auditing solution that not only looks to see what’s changed, but one that also looks to see what’s being done with SQL Server. LepideAuditor monitors and audits every aspect of SQL Server management, so you are kept in the loop regarding just about anything done to your SQL Servers.


how it benefits you
Detailed Change Auditing
Every login, every operation, every change

Your company’s most important data is stored on your SQL Server, and changes to data, the configuration, or security can impact compliance mandates, data integrity, or worse – operations. LepideAuditor tracks every login change, operation performed, and change made using a dedicated agent to ensure no use or modification of SQL Server goes undocumented.

Key Features
  • A dedicated agent ensures every action is captured
  • Audits every aspect of SQL Server management – from login, to operations performed, to changes made – capturing pertinent details
  • Auditing of SQL can be concentrated based on server, database, objects, operations, and users
  • Every change and operation entry includes Who, What, Where and When, details
Trend & Activity Dashboards
See the current state of changes to SQL

Changes within SQL Server happen at a rapid pace. So, to make sense of what’s changing, you require a high-level view of where changes are being made, who is making them, and the trends around what’s changing. LepideAuditor’s 15 SQL Server-specific dashboards help you quickly view changes from a bird’s-eye view. A LiveFeed also shows every change in real-time, so you can check changes as they happen against trends to identify problems that need more detailed reporting.

Key Features
  • 15 turnkey dashboards show active databases, tables, objects and more
  • Identify who are your top users, and see change trends
  • View changes in real-time with LepidAuditor’s LiveFeed
Turnkey SQL Server Reporting
Audit SQL Server changes, configurations, and more

LepideAuditor’s 57 SQL Server reports go beyond just the simple changes to tables and databases. Changes to every aspect of SQL Server can be reported on, including Logins, Jobs, Replication, Triggers, Roles, and more. Custom reporting empowers you to further focus your audits to specific tasks within SQL Server.

Key Features
  • Reports are categorized by object, making it easy to find reports on every part of your SQL Server environment
  • Reporting detail includes who made the change or performed the operation, and the details of the change or operation
  • On-demand and scheduled reports are supported so can find the information you need when necessary
  • Multiple views provide visibility by showing changes in a report grid, and over time as both a graph or a calendar
Real-Time Alerting
SQL Server changes, as they happen

If data is the most important asset of the modern business then undoubtedly your SQL Server should be handled with the respect it deserves. We believe its important to keep control as to whats changing in SQL Server in real–time allows you to stay in control. Alerting uses LepideAuditor’s built-in reports, with alert-specific filtering, to quickly and easily configure alerts to be sent via email and to LepideAuditor App installed on your device when alert filters are triggered.

Key Features
  • Configure an alert easily based on detailed reporting
  • Filter alerts to specific users, actions, or objects
  • Alerts are emailed to recipients and sent to mobile app to ensure the right staff are notified every time
SQL Health Check made easy

Keep a check on the health status of your SQL Server. Get a complete overview when there is a critical situation or a higher CPU usage and receive notifications for over-usage of resources, error rate and user connections etc. through email, LepideAuditor App and LiveFeed. Built-in alerts keep you informed if something is wrong, so your focus can stay on more strategic efforts. Read more...

Key Features
  • View the health of each SQL Server to avoid deadlock
  • Quickly determine what is impacting the performance of SQL Server
  • Customizable thresholds-based alerts let you know the issues with SQL Server
Try Before You Buy

SQL Server Auditor is provided as a part of LepideAuditor Suite. A 15-day fully featured trial license comes preinstalled with the software. You can audit any number of SQL Servers without any limitations. Once satisfied the free trial version, the user can upgrade to the full version.

MVP Reviews
  • LepideAuditor Suite – SQL Server is a robust and amazing product which meets all your Instance and DB level auditing requirements. Report scheduling, Alerts and getting custom reports in your mailbox are a few out of the box features which makes this product outstanding.Sarabpreet Singh Anand
  • LepideAuditor for SQL Server is a powerful tool for audit Servers and Data Bases of Microsoft SQL Server. Allows monitoring and auditing in a platform centralized, alert critical changes in real time, automatically generates reports and sends them by email. John Alexander Bulla Torres
  • LepideAuditor for SQL Server is definitely a good product to work with. Its usage must be evaluated and monitored in production environments (especially for the t-log growth, like any other database, consider to switch the recovery model).Alessandro Alpi
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