Lepide Active Directory Query Software

From Windows 2000 and later versions, Microsoft introduced Active Directory which is an advanced hierarchical directory service that stores information about organizational attributes, about component locations, users, groups, passwords, security, and other COM information. Lepide Active Directory Query is a freeware that assists administrators to easily avail updated user information. It is a simple AD query utility that displays detailed information of all objects saved by the user.

Key Features
  • Free tool to query Active Directory attributes.
  • Small-sized utility with quick installation.
  • Executes with user credentials of Logged-on client (administrator).
  • Helps saving quality time of administrator.
  • Saves generated output in CSV format which can be accessed with MS Excel.
  • Advanced options to get detailed information.
Working of Lepide AD Query software

With Lepide Active Directory Query software, administrator can type the query and avail details of relevant information from the Active Directory. It is a user-friendly and simple to use utility. It functions as per the given queries and displays object information or details which can be saved by the user. This tool proves highly beneficial for Windows Administrators who often search AD for particular user information.

The generated information can be saved and used for future reference, as the tool saves the generated output in CSV format. Additionally, the results can be optimized with the use of "Advanced" button option. This helps administrators to generate improved attributed results for the Domain as per each query.

How to Use Lepide AD Query?

Below mentioned steps shows how to use Lepide AD Query to search for required information:

  • Launch Lepide AD Query software upon installation.
  • Enter Domain Name in the Domain Name field. By default, the tool adds the current domain name in this field.
  • Type the Domain user name and password.
  • Enter the query in the Query field.
  • Click on the Generate button to get the subsequent results for the domain.
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