Lepide Remote Admin Control Administer Network Computers

Lepide Remote Admin is a comprehensive tool that allows IT Administrators to remotely administer single or multiple computers in the entire network simultaneously spread across multiple domains.

Lepide Remote Admin has got immense applications owing to its features. Major initiatives supported by software are:

  • Remote Administration:
    The software allows you to remotely administer computers in your network. This facility is greatly helpful for big organizations spread over large geographical area. You can administer all computers right from your desktop using this remote desktop control software.
  • Instant Technical Support:
    This remote access software can be deployed to provide instant technical support to users in the network. This can be used to support helpdesk activities and resolve Helpdesk tickets swiftly reducing the response time.
Key Features
  • Enterprise Desktop Administering
    Get complete access to any number of remote systems temporarily through this centralized platform. Establish seamless connection with remote computers for effortless administration, troubleshoot and support. View Windows Events Log to troubleshoot remote computer and manage Files, Folders, and Disk drives remotely. Access Windows services on the remote computer and send wake up request to unattended computers. Analyze Windows Performance of remote machine using PerfMon and troubleshoot multiple computers by establishing multiple parallel connections through this pc remote control.
  • Desktop Remote Control
    Lepide Remote Admin is a powerful computer remote control that allows you to remotely control desktops, laptops and provide instant support. You can take screenshots, transfer files and perform a host of other activities as if you were directly logged on to it. Software can be configured to ask for remote user's permission before a connection is established to control remote access.
  • High Speed Data Transfer
    Connect, select and transfer. Transfer files at a much quicker rate than conventional emailing, network sharing and other methods with proper encryption and compression. This remote desktop control software compresses large data files to perform high speed data transfer putting less burden on existing infrastructure. Establish a secure connection to eradicate possibility of unauthorized access to data with proper data encryption. All data files along with user credentials are encrypted to prevent data theft and misuse.
  • Email Notification
    Enhance security and maintain connection history by generating emails every time a connection is established. Set notification feature so that you get notified every time a connection is established with remote computer using this remote access software. Prevent unauthorized remote system access attempts and also maintain connection history through email notification feature of this remote access software.
  • Advantages over Windows Remote Desktop connection
    Perform remote administration conveniently with intuitive interface and high security features of this PC remote control bypassing complex and limited features of Windows Remote Desktop connection. Software can be easily installed on the host computer and agent on the target computer remotely. It offers seamless integration with remote computers with its intuitive interface and allows unlimited connections concurrently. Users can opt for tool's own authentication while connecting to remote computers. Also, all data transfer between machines is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access thus offering enhanced security than Windows tool.
Major benefits of software
  • Helps to increase employee productivity by ensuring high uptime of all computers in the organization through remote issue resolution and by removing IT resource related issues and obstacles that hamper day-to-day work of employees.
  • Improves ticket resolution time at IT help desk removing tickets backlogs and allows maintaining a lean support team producing direct benefits through cost cutting.
  • Cuts down travel expenses of the technicians by allowing administration and support activities by remote users.
  • Prevents IT resources misuse by administering vulnerable desktops remotely.

Lepide Remote Admin is a completely free remote desktop control tool that does not require purchasing any license. You can download this remote access software for free and avail all its features without any limitation for unlimited period of time.