Free Lepide DC Monitor

Lepide DC Monitor tool is a freeware which help administrators to effectively monitor and evaluate state of Domain Controller and its performance. The tool runs an automatic series of tasks to report the state of Domain Controllers and their performance.

Key Features
  • Absolutely free tool to evaluate DC performance.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Execute commands with administrator's credentials.
  • Updates administrator about the state and performance of DC.
  • Auto Update function allows administrator to check continuous data changes.

This software can be used in multiple situations like to analyze the state of Domain Controllers within an organization, all Domain Controllers within a site or can be used to monitor a single Domain Controller. The tool allows interaction between Domain Controller and its utility.

On account of user-specified inputs about the Domain, for which results are to be drawn, comprehensive information like CPU utilization, Memory Utilization and Disk Utilization are extracted. In addition to the above mentioned key features, users can also view details of other options such as Page Reads/sec, Page Writes/sec, NTFRS Handles, File Reads/sec, File Writes/sec etc which might be required by the administrator.

Working with Lepide DC Monitor software

Lepide DC Monitor software makes Domain Controller monitoring easy. This software determines the state of Domain Controllers and their performance when the user types his/her credentials for any Domain Controller within a Domain. With regard to its advanced design, Windows administrator can monitor many domain controllers simultaneously; however, login authentication for each DC must be confirmed by the user.

How to Use Lepide DC Monitor?
  • Launch Lepide DC Monitor utility upon installation. The tool enlists and displays the Domains associated with the machine.
  • Click the 'Find' button and choose the Domain Controller which you wish to monitor.
  • Type User credentials specific to the DC.
  • Click on Update button to get resulting parameter values.
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