Event Log Management

Lepide Event Log ManagerStay compliant – archive, monitor, browse and generate report on network-wide event logs

Event Logs are the vital source of information required to keep organizations protected from security threats, damages and legal grievance. Crucial Information contained in event logs can be best utilized in favor of the organization only when they are properly managed. Native event log management tools are just not enough to stay up to the mark, there is a need for comprehensive event log management solution due to these limitations:

  • Need to manage individual event log repository for every system available on the network
  • Tedious and time consuming process to manually save event logs one by one
  • No reporting method available to analyze and decide over compliance status in long run
  • No method available to inform administrators about occurrence of critical events

Lepide Event Log Manager provides a simplified and all inclusive platform to centrally archive, consolidate and monitor network-wide Windows and W3C event logs in order to sustain compliance, identify and alert for critical events that presage possible security and system health issues.

how it benefits you
  • Capability to archive, monitor, browse and generate reports on network-wide event logs from single platform.
  • Get forewarning for hardware failure through analyzing event pattern for entire network.
  • Long term event archiving.
  • Get an edge above native event viewers; Not just view events but mange them to attain varied advantages.
  • Instant identification of critical events through real time alerts.
  • Comprehensive reports for regulatory compliance.
Lepide Event Log Manager - Key Functions
Network-Wide Event Log Archiving to a Central Repository Lepide Event Log Manager archives network-wide event logs in a central repository and consolidates them for further processing. It sets aside all the intricacies an administrator usually faces while managing event logs in a large organization. Read more...
Comprehensive Reports on Regulatory Compliance Lepide Event Log Manager helps the organization to sustain compliance and avoid legal hassles and penalties by providing comprehensive compliance reports for HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, FISMA and SOX. Compliance reports can be generated for the entire network, specific group of computers or a single computer. Read more...
Comprehensive Monitoring and Real Time Alerts on Critical Events Lepide Event Log Manager keeps a check on event logs and alerts the administrator for critical events able to affect system health, cause security issues and compliance violation. Software sends an instant email alert on occurrence of events that are pre-specified as critical by the administrator. Read more...
Simplified Event Browsing and Requirement-Centric Filtering Lepide Event Log Manager simplifies event browsing for all computers available within the network without requiring the administrator to stop over every computer. Software provides a centralized platform to view all or required Windows and W3C event logs for any computer. It also provides various filter options for requirement-centric and instant event browsing. Read more...
Enterprise and Freeware Edition

Lepide Event Log Manager is available as freeware and enterprise edition. Freeware edition is the feature limited version of the product which can be used for unlimited period without the need of paying for it. Enterprise edition of Lepide Event Log Manager is fully featured version of the product. A trial license can be obtained for the enterprise edition by getting in touch with our sales team.

MVP Reviews
  • Lepide company, relatively unknown in our local market, is offering a very solid solution for centralized event log management. It is definitely the software that needs to be taken into consideration if you need this type of service in your organization. Lepide Event Log Manager is focused on the Windows event logs and W3C event logs, and present a very good simple and functional solution for log management.Damir Dizdarevic
  • Lepide Event Log Manager (LELM) collects network-wide events and presents them in an easy way to make log comprehension and compliance settlement simpler. It Helps to sustain compliance and overcome legal hassles by offering out-of-the-box reports for HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, PCI and SOX compliance. Anand Khanse