Lepide Active Directory Self Service

Allow end users to help themselves; avoid costs involved in downtime and support from helpdesk

Lepide Active Directory Self Service (LADSS) is a web-based Active Directory self-service solution, which allows end users to reset password, unlock account and update personal information in the Windows Active Directory. Alternatively, domain users can also authorize co-workers to perform these tasks in their absence; thus, completely eliminating the need to call or raise IT tickets to system administrators or help desk personnel for password/account management tasks.

LADSS helps to save valuable time and resources and instill power in the hands of end users but under the supervision of the administrator. Using LADSS, administrators can configure policies and automate self-service password reset whilst managing his tight schedule. Reports, schedules, password expiry notifications and bulk enrollment features further aid administrators to eventually increase the organization's ROI drastically.

Who can benefit from LADSS?

The Self Service Active Directory software ensures all round benefits for the admin, domain users and the organization as well. See below discussed benefits at each level:

Instantly unlock account and reset password from login screen Predefine policy configuration and ensure security Reduce costs linked with helpdesk calls and IT tickets resolution
No productivity loss due to account related issues Web-based interface to manage all software settings from anywhere in the network No downtime, better resource usage for enhanced ROI
Keep AD updated with latest personal info Get complete user status through reports Updated employee info in AD and automatic management of user accounts
Authorize co-workers for account unlock/reset password Send notifications to users in bulk SSL support for secured environments
Software Features at a glance
Self Service Management

LADSS allows end-users to take control of their AD account by performing self password reset and self account unlock Directory from the login screen and also keep Windows Active Directory updated with their latest personal information without any assistance from the administrator/help desk personnel.


LADSS features GINA/CP for one-click access to software functionalities Directory from the locked (CTRL+ALT+DEL) screen. Enrolled domain users can click the reset password/unlock account tab from their login screen and perform the required task with the ease of a single click.

Authorize Co-Workers

Empowers end-users to authorize co-workers for password reset and unlock account tasks on the user's behalf from their own account.

Automatic Unlock Account

Allows the administrator to configure policy for automatic account unlock at specified time periods for any particular domain OUs. Admin can define in advance when to automatically unlock all locked out accounts at daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Bulk Enrollment

Administrators can enroll hundreds of users collectively by importing user data through CSV files. Simply enter user's SAMAccount Name and security questions and answers to create CSV files.


The dashboard provides a sneak peek of Active Directory Users Status, Audit Data, Enrollment Data, and Past 7 days Audit Data to have a quick idea of domain users' status in AD.

Security Based Configurations

Administrators can ensure strong password reset/account unlock policies by configuring question and answer policies. Under this, users need to answer predefined questions before performing self-service functions. Also, administrators can select which fields regarding personal information can be updated by the user in AD.

User Actions and Status Reports

Reports classified under general, audit and enrollment reports feature various subtypes to give entire information regarding user account status in AD, actions performed with LADSS and enrollment status of users. Report scheduling feature further enhances the software's capabilities.

  • Expiry notification: Allows to proactively notify domain users regarding their password expiry; so that, users can change their password in advance.
  • Enrollment notification: Admin can notify users to get themselves enrolled with LADSS to perform self password reset, account unlock and self info update tasks.
  • Bulk enrollment notification: Admin can enroll users with LADSS and notify them about their login details, security questions, and about LADSS privileges.
Software Highlights
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Why Self-service: A pictographic representation of various scenarios depicting the need for self-service solutions:

GINA/CP: Directory unlock account or reset password from the login screen itself. Eliminate downtime and cost, otherwise faced with every alternate self-service method.

Update Attributes: Allow domain users to Directory authenticate and update their attributes in the Active Directory – ensure updated personal information of users automatically.

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What Our Client Says
  • We used Lepide Active Directory Self Service for centralized management of users and their computer systems and we would like to suggest this tool for every other organization too. This tool is very user friendly and ideal for corporate environments. The software interface is easy to understand and is devised to be as simple as possible. I would highly recommend you to utilize this tool coz you can generate audit reports which gives you a peek into user’s account status, password status as well as the allied user’s information update activities. The software continues to make our entire staff efficient and focus on important work.Steve Bohlen, Network Administrator
  • LADSS tool saved us an enormous amount of time and affected our productivity in a good way. The option to authorize other Users to unlock accounts and reset passwords took a load off of our helpdesk team. Thanks.Sergio Moretti
MVP Reviews
  • I am really impressed with Active Directory Self Service from Lepide. Before review I thought that it’s another Self Service Solution which is complicated to use, requires installation manual and is very expensive. Lepide created a product that is exactly the opposite, it’s simple to install, simple to use and has the right features to help IT reduce burden of AD Account management. End users also benefit as they don’t have to call Helpdesk to unlock their account. Erik Blum (Editor at itsmdaily.com)
  • The tool is very user friendly, ideal for corporate environment and easy to implement for the IT staff requiring minimal hardware resources to run. Organizations with a high number of helpdesk tickets opened for password reset and account locked issues will take a big benefit with this solution. Not only reduce the IT workload, but allows the users to fix these matters themselves in a snap. Paolo Valsecchi (Nolabnoparty.com)

Free for limited Users

Owing to its rich set of configuration abilities, Active directory password reset software is easy to install and implement within Windows based networks. The free trial version of Lepide Active Directory self-service is fully featured i.e., it works similar to the licensed version. However, the only limiting factor is that the free version supports maximum 50 end-users; which means up to 50 enrolled users can perform self-password reset, self-account unlock, and self-information update without incurring any cost to the organization. For enrolling more than 50 users, purchase license through custom quote.