Client Testimonials

When faced with the problem of replacing a client's main Exchange server and with Microsoft not providing any direct migration path from Exchange 2003 to 2013, I stumbled across Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager - and how glad I am that I did! Having first tested the trial version of the software, I continued to make a purchase despite being slightly sceptical that It would be able to handle the volume of mailboxes, messages, folders and attachments that I would be throwing at it. My fears however turned out to be completely unfounded as the software performed flawlessly! I had a few problems initially getting the license activated, although I'm quite happy to admit this was entirely my fault and the support team were more than happy to help at every step of the way with almost immediate responses via email. I cannot praise Lepide and Exchange Recovery Manager enough as it has saved myself and my client hours of labour and more importantly it has saved us money! I will certainly be recommending and using you guys again in the future, thank you!
Lepide Exchange Manager works like a charm. Already did multiple recoveries with the software. Thank you very much for the smooth transaction and the fast solution to our little problem with the software.
Peter Vorsteveld []
Lepide Exchange Manager is an outstanding product, it is simple to use and has saved our team countless hours in email recovery and exchange migration. 10 out of 10!
Dennis Payne [ ICT Manager, RIRDC ]
Lepide Exchange Manager is an incredible backup and recovery software. Easy access to all user email boxes without going to the System Manger of Exchange.
Dale Franzen [ Daniel Brunner, Chapter 13 Trustee ]
Thank you for your assistance in helping us not only with the license file, but also with the product we are currently using to recover our critical information."

We used alot of time and energy in searching for a product yesterday that could assist us in our task to recover our information. The products that we looked at was Systools exchange, Stellar phoenix for exchange, kernal for exchange, and digiscope. We downloaded trial versions where we could, and tested it against the information in our database that we know should be there. We then discovered Lepide Exchange Manager, and did the same.

Lepide appeared to be the best in reliability to the information in our corrupt databasis. It also have the ability to transfer the information directly to a Exchange server mailbox, which we will do once we have a storage group on line, and hence our descision to purchase it.So far we find it easy to use, with no incidents - We still have a long way to go.

Jacques and Christo [ Vodamail, South Africa ]
"I have found the Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting software as a very important tool for my overall system management of multiple domains. It allows the system manager to get right to what they need to know or change without going through a myriad of complex screens to get to the information as required by several of the other AD management software programs. The support has been excellent and very timely"
Terry Sanders[ Pro2Serve USA ]
The product updates Lepide Team provided for upgrades and features has been extremely good. Kudos to the Development Team for their approach.
William Kolouris
The ADSS tool saved us an excellent amount of time and affected our productivity in a good way. The option to give the right to other Users to unlock accounts and reset passwords took a load off of our helpdesk team. Thanks
Sergio Moretti
I would like to congratulate the LADMR Team for developing such a complex but yet simple to use tool to maintain AD. I have not seen this many bulk functions in any other tool that I have looked at.
Timothy Hansen
It took me just one day to decide that LADMR is the perfect solution for our Active Directory needs. I cannot think of any functions that are left out in the product.
Jason Adler
Mind Blowing!!! It was surprising how your AD software worked. We have experienced a sudden decrease in helpdesk calls, coz the staff can themselves perform account unlocks and password changes. Just amazing, now our IT staff can concentrate on other important jobs. I was so thrilled that I just cant explain, employees can update their personal information at real time. The most amazing thing about this tool is that I am able to see the latest report of who changed the password when, who had account lockouts and I can manage the user policies from my system itself. Its just a wonderful experience. Thanks.
Joe Creel, Facility and Maintenance Manager
We used Lepide Active Directory Self Service for centralized management of users and their computer systems and we would like to suggest this tool for every other organization too. This tool is very user friendly and ideal for corporate environment. Software interface is easy to understand and is devised to be as simple as possible. I would highly recommend you to utilize this tool coz you can generate audit reports at your computer system that gives you a peek into account status, password status as well as allied user information updating activities. The software continues to make our entire staff efficient and focus on important work.
Steve Bohlen, Network Administrator
We are a big corporate family with multiple domains and innumerous applications at work and it becomes essential to effectively manage IT systems in an organization like ours. Storing passwords in a safe, secure and functional manner is also a matter considered seriously. Lepide Active Directory tools help us to make sure we don't lag behind. this easy to use tool helps us to achieve our goals of password security and offers us with everything that is required to keep the workflow flawless.
Tom Glenn, Business Development Manager
Lepide Software Asset management is a superlative and qualitative product. The level of support that Lepide Software guys have given was just amazing. Every time I required assistance with the product, the technical support team was polite, accurate, prompt to all our questions. From the IT perspective, the software is quite easy to use, deploy and maintain. Running the tool is easy as the tool is self descriptive. Moreover, the pie chart depiction of software utilization etc makes the asset management easy. The tool is helping us save time and money.
Louis Scherer, Support Operations Department
AD management and reporting benefited our organization in number of ways. The processes it streamlines has made our work more efficient and helped us concentrate on important projects. The home page of the software has helped me to stay compliant with all my AD details "at a glance". I suggest you to take the free evaluation copy first and check how it works. And I am pretty sure you would like it. It helped me to keep a tab at the user profiles and generate important reports. An amazing platform to work on.
Steve Jackman,