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  • Lepide Exchange Manager (LERM) was a pleasant surprise when it crossed my desk. LERM allows for the recovery of mail from a variety of sources into EML's, MSG's PST's or online mailboxes. While this kind of product certainly isn't new, the simplicity and speed of LERM coupled with a common sense approach to its user interface made this product a joy to review.
    Nicolas Blank [Exchange MVP]
  • I can honestly say I loved Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager product. Brick level backups and/or recovery servers are just ancient solutions when you have the ability to easily reach into a database and grab the data you need as you can with Exchange Manager. I’m confident giving Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager the Gold Award it deserves. There is a Feature Request button on their web site and I pondered that for a moment, wondering ‘is there anything missing, or anything more I would like to see here?’ and, in this case, NO… the product is solid and smooth.
    J. Peter Bruzzese [Exchange MVP]
  • The LepideAuditor Suite is an invaluable toolset for any System Admin that wants full visibility into his environment in terms of auditing, server health monitoring, alerting, and backup history with fast restore capabilities. LepideAuditor Suite manages to put all these features under a single pane of glass.
    Marius Ene [ Microsoft MVP ]
  • LepideAuditor for File Server is a rapid software and quite convincing, it adds just enough to File Server auditing capabilities that are often requested and (very) complex to implement with native tools in Windows Server. Overall the software does what is asked and presents things clearly. I do not doubt that it meets those of our customers who are concerned about who does what with their files.
    Yves Gourlé [Microsoft MVP]
  • Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager has been extremely useful, fulfilling multiple purposes for my organization. With this tool we have been able to easily perform internal discovery against current and previous versions of our Exchange databases, easily extract data for external discovery, and also provides a simple and elegant solution for granular recovery of exchange data.
    James Dwyer [IT Manager, KIOR Inc.]
Case studies
  • Path Solutions

    Path Solutions Successfully Completed their ISMS Audit Using LepideAuditor for File Server

  • Herndon Capital Management

    Herndon Capital Management acquired means to get real-time alerts on critical File Server events

  • Craco GmbH

    Craco GmbH after winning over inaccessible Public Folders with Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager

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