Lepide Offline Folder Report Software

OST files or Offline Storage Folders saved in user's system are a duplicate copy of user's Exchange Mailbox. Each and every OST file is associated with a particular Exchange mailbox which cannot be used with any other mailbox. Hence, a user cannot use an existing OST file with a new mailbox after migrating to another Exchange Server. Although, administrators maintain offline folder files at the time of migration by keeping the mailboxes of remote users at a separate place.

Key Features
  • Free utility to generate offline folder report showing OST and Non-OST users.
  • Can be executes with administrator credentials.
  • Quick and easy installation without any complex configurations.
  • Saves generated output in CSV format which can be accessed with Excel.

Lepide Offline Folder Report utility is a simple freeware to determine which mailbox possesses their offline data in particular OST files and which does not. Administrators can use Lepide Offline Folder Report utility to examine the mailboxes of selected Domain. The result consists of three lists:

  • The users using OST files to store their offline data.
  • The users not using OST files to store offline data.
  • The errors that occurred during the search process.

These lists so produced can be saved in CSV format for future referrals and can be accessed with MS Excel.

Working with Lepide Offline Folder Report

In order to generate Offline Folder report, the administrator needs to enter the host Exchange Server name along with the logon credentials (verify them) and then click on Generate button. After this, the tool generates the list of all users who are currently using OST files and of those who are not using OST files for their mailbox communications. Additionally, the tool also showcases a list of errors that occurred while searching for OST and Non-OST users within the Domain.

How to Use Lepide Offline Folder Report

Mentioned below steps, describe the process of using Lepide Offline Folder report utility:

  • Launch the Lepide Offline Folder Report software upon installation.
  • Enter host Exchange Server name and administrator credentials.
  • Validate the credentials by clicking on Verify button
  • Click on Generate button to create report of OST users, Non-OST users and error list.