LepideAuditor for File Server

Track all changes to files, folders, permissions, and shared resources

File Servers are viewed as a large pool containing routine as well as sensitive business data and information.  IT department’ mandate is to track all accesses and changes including reading, editing, sharing, creating, renaming, deleting, moving, etc. for all files, folders, permissions, and shared resources.

Native auditing features for file servers typically provide information in a form that is not easily understood. Scattered logs and limited or short-term storage of logs do not serve the auditing purpose either. Real-time monitoring and automated auditing solutions for file servers. Protect an organization against:

  • Unauthorized access to sensitive business data
  • Intentional and deceitful changes in permissions
  • Disastrous changes to files, shares, folder structures, permissions and other items
  • Heavy penalties resulting from breached security and compliance violations

The above points signify the importance of real-time monitoring and automated auditing of file servers.

LepideAuditor for File Server (LAFS) software for Windows File Servers and NetApp Filers provides powerful reporting and auditing features. It provides the important features and facilities the native file server tools lack. It quickly and thoroughly provides activity details such as: who changed what, when, and from where, keeping information secure and helping the organization comply with all its requirements.

Benefits of LepideAuditor for File Server
  • Total Visibility with Who, What, When, Where information: The software agent continuously and meticulously searches for every change and provides detailed audit information for every file, folder access and permission change across all file servers and filer systems.
  • Enhance Security and Meet Compliance Requirements: Continuous monitoring, instant alerts on critical changes, and long-term retention of logs lets the LepideAuditor for File Sever helps your organization meet compliance and regulatory requirements such as PCI, GLBA, HIPAA, and many more.
  • Long-term Storage of logs: The captured audit data is stored in a centralized database for the long-term. No entry is overwritten, and can be reviewed even after many years. Administrators can also specify a different database for each File Server. In addition, all the settings (not database) can be backed up in a file and restored when needed.
  • Real-time Monitoring: LAFS provides real-time monitoring of the File Servers based on customized lists of Time, Drive, Directory, File Name, File Type, Process, and Events.
  • Perform Streamlined Auditing: Filter reports on the basis of various parameters such as Time Span, File Server, File Mask, Process, User, Event, and Directory. All of these empower you to quickly search for and find the exact details you need without all the hard work.
  • Multiple Alert Platforms: For any critical change, you are notified instantly through a host of platforms such as email alert, SMS alert, and network alerts. Whenever and wherever you are, our alert system has you covered.
Success Stories
LepideAuditor’s alerting capabilities allows us to configure specific triggers that will send us email when certain activities are performed on a file/folder. This provides us with excellent visibilities into what going on with our data.

Shawn Ayton (Director of Information Technology, Herndon Capital Management)

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Software Features
Multiplatform Auditing It doesn’t matter where you prefer to store your data; LepideAuditor for File Server is a comprehensible solution for multiplatform auditing. It tracks, audits and reports all file, folder, and permission changes from Windows File Servers and NetApp filers. Whatever platform you choose to share data; LAFS competently tracks every change and ensures round-the-clock security for risk free data sharing.
Before & After Values If knowing that Who made What changes from Where and When is not enough, LAFS has more to offer. Administrators get to know the changed values as well. Get to know the previous and after changes values to better audit and take instant decisions without compromising organizational security. For example, if any file or folder is moved, the software provides the previous and after path for the noted change.
Real-time Alert Generation Generate alerts on critical changes to reduce detection time and timely actions can be taken to create a safe and secure file server environment. The alerts are delivered instantly through different mediums such as email, SMS, and on-screen messages.
Centralized Auditing Administrators can monitor all the File Servers and computers on a centralized platform. All the events generated for changes made in file servers are stored in a central repository. The software simplifies the intricacies of auditing file servers in a large organization and saves time and resources consumed in maintaining an individual change repository for each file server.
Customizable Auditing Collect and store events as per configured audit policies. Create required audit policies on the basis of various attributes such as File server name, Monitoring Time, Drive, Directory, File Name, File Type, Process and Events. Moreover, Administrators can set what objects (users, groups and file server events) have to be monitored as per default or customized policies. This tool also allows customization of audit reports and instant alerts on any specific object.
Comprehensive Reporting and Scheduling Software comes with numerous predefined reports on daily monitoring, all changes, files, folders, permissions, and shared resources. One can modify different criteria like time span, file server, user, directory, file name, process and events to generate a custom report. It can be further filtered, sorted, searched using any phrase, and grouped by any column. The customized report can also be saved or printed. Administrators can also schedule automatic delivery of reports through email. These reports can also be exported to PDF, DOC, CSV, HTML, and TXT formats.
File Accesses Auditing and Permission Changes Audit LepideAuditor for File Server audits all accesses to Files and Folders kept on Windows File Server and NetApp Filers. It also audits all permission changes to Files and Folders. Once a File Server has been added, you can create a separate audit policy for it which usually comprises multiple rules. Any unwanted access to Files and Folders and changes to Permissions can be instantly notified to administrator through email, SMS, and desktop messages. Read more...
Free Trial

LepideAuditor for File Server comes in two different versions i.e. Freeware and Enterprise edition. Freeware edition is free for lifetime and is fully functional but provides limited details in report columns. Whereas, the Enterprise edition is fully functional and unlimited file servers can be audited. You can obtain license key for trial of the Enterprise edition through email and evaluate 2 File Servers for a period of 15 days using the license key.

What Our Client Says
  • With help of Lepide Auditor program it’s easy to monitor the user activity on the file server. Also know if any user is accessing/trying to access the restricted files. Mahesh Kumar, IT Coordinator, Sharjah Art Foundation
  • LepideAuditor’s alerting capabilities allows us to configure specific triggers that will send us email when certain activities are performed on a file/folder. This provides us with excellent visibilities into what going on with our data. Shawn Ayton, Director of Information Technology, Herndon Capital Management
MVP Reviews
  • Audit institutions, such as the regulation and control of compliance with the standards required by the wants of the most important and one of the "signs of the audit event logging file servers." It's about applications written by different manufacturers available in the industry. LepideAuditor for File Server (LAFS) application is one of the best in these applications. Mesut Aladag
  • LepideAuditor for File Server is an excellent auditing tool for file servers with great flexibility features. The main advantage of this tool from my point of view is the time you save in finding specific events and the flexibility it provides during your searches. Nobody wants to parse through events and waste a lot of time doing it, so for me this is my number 1 thing I like about this tool. Marius Ene
  • LepideAuditor for File Server is a very useful piece of software. It doesn't take much resources, nor it has complicated configuration. Its ability to monitor the changes that occur in the resources that the file servers host is very useful, especially in situations when it comes to critical documents and content. Damir Dizdarevic