Lepide Range of Solutions

Lepide Software offers innovative solutions for IT Management, Server Management, Network Management and Change Auditing. Its solution range includes Change Auditing, Identity and Access Management, IT Administration, Business Continuity, Exchange Server, SQL Server, and Active Directory.
Change Auditing
Protect the security of your sensitive information from corruption, theft, loss, or unauthorized changes. Change Auditing solutions automatically track and report what was changed, when, by whom, and from where.
Identity & Access Management
Lepide Identity and Access
Management solutions are tailored to assist IT administrators, end users and helpdesk professionals in password, identity and profile management across multiple domains available in Active Directory.
IT Administration
Lepide IT Administration solutions take care of all routine monitoring, management and reporting activities, automate redundant tasks and provide you insight into organizational infrastructure through detailed and insightful reports.
Business Continuity
Keep flourishing ceaselessly by ensuring continuous availability of critical applications. Lepide Business Continuity solutions help to deal with unexpected situations causing interruption in critical business processes without requiring expensive measures and involvement of human.
Solutions for Exchange Server
Ensure uninterrupted working and security of your organizational email system with Lepide Exchange Solutions. Simplify intricate Exchange disaster recovery, backup extraction, migration and email system usage and configuration tracking & reporting tasks with the most appropriate Exchange Solution.
Solutions for SQL Server
Keep a check on overall performance, storage structure and activities of organization-wide available SQL servers. Lepide solutions for SQL server are tailored specifically to abridge complexities of various routine and long-term storage & performance management and change auditing tasks.
Solutions for Active Directory
Simplify working with Active Directory and minimize the time and resource consumption in routine AD tasks. Lepide Active Directory solutions empower organizations and administrators with the most powerful and convenient means to set up self service, manage AD centrally and track, backup and restore changes.
Solutions for SharePoint
Lepide SharePoint solution lets you efficiently manage, audit, and migrate SharePoint content. Migrate from Exchange Public Folders, Office 365, File Servers, and remote File Servers to SharePoint. Stay compliant to regulation like PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, etc. with comprehensive SharePoint auditing.
Solutions for Office 365
With Office 365 solutions, it’s easy to get on the cloud. Migrate every Exchange resource like Mailboxes, Public Folders, Outlook Profiles, Rules, and Permissions etc. from any Exchange Version to Office 365. Move your content from File Servers and Public Folders to SharePoint Online (Office 365).