02.04.2016 , SharePoint, by .

Whatever you store in SharePoint is being stored in a list. So when you upgrade the SharePoint infrastructure, say migration from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013, you need to move lists too. Migrating a list from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 is a simple matter and if you are looking for a quick and effortless migration, you should think of doing the migration with the help of a SharePoint migration … Read more

02.01.2016 , Active Directory Management, by .

Inactive accounts in the Active Directory should strike fear in the hearts of IT admins. They me appear harmless as they lay dormant, unused and inactive, but they are an open invitation for anyone looking to compromise an organization’s security. Why do inactive accounts matter—aren’t they harmless? Inactive accounts may appear docile but they can cause fatal damages to an organization, especially when they are not disabled or when they … Read more

01.22.2016 , Miscellaneous, by .

There’s certain phrases that are guaranteed to strike fear in hearts of IT admins everywhere. They are all too familiar and they invariably mean wasted time, more stress or late evenings at work. Here’s our top 10 spinetingling things for IT admins to hear: “I’d just got a coffee, put it next to my keyboard and somehow…..” “I know you’re busy but could I just get you to have a … Read more

01.14.2016 , Migration, by .

Organizations these days prefer to store and share their corporate work documents in SharePoint 2013 personal library which is also referred to as OneDrive for Business. After migrating these documents to OneDrive for Business, users are capable of accessing the documents from anywhere outside the network. Due to its increasing reputation and influence, people are becoming-more inclined to migrate data from conventional File Servers to the newly advanced OneDrive. But, … Read more

01.07.2016 , Active Directory Management, Security, by .

Passwords have for a very long time been used to prove identity and authenticate user access to resources. As time has gone by, to increase security we have made password requirements more complex and frequently changing passwords a necessity. However, in the pursuit of better security we have ignored the very fact that made password-based security preferable over other approaches – its simplicity. Asking for increasingly complex passwords and then … Read more

12.31.2015 , SharePoint, by .

Implementing SharePoint being a key security aspect in an enterprise, it’s no surprise that organizations today are struggling to upgrade their existing SharePoint deployment while also migrating all their content safely to the newer versions. With SharePoint 2016 release round the corner, I’m sure the durable & exciting on-premises capabilities of this much awaited version have already convinced most of the IT administrators to plan their next content migration pretty … Read more

12.23.2015 , Security, by .

Even though there are a lot of books and papers that discuss Active Directory security, incidents of AD security breach just don’t seem to stop. What can be the reason for this? Are IT admins just not being able to grasp the tinges of AD security? Or Are they unable to adapt to the new, advanced threats that are being invented every day? Both of these could be the reasons. … Read more

12.21.2015 , Exchange Recovery, by .

Exchange Server 2016 is the 9th in the series of Exchange Servers since the launch of the first of its kind -Exchange Server 4.0 in 1996. In these 19 years that have passed since the launch of the first version, Microsoft has released new versions of Exchange at an average interval of near about 2 years, integrating new features and general improvements in each launch. What makes Exchange Server 2016 … Read more

12.16.2015 , Auditing, by .

Christmas is the ideal time to relax and switch off but unfortunately there’s no holiday from potential IT security issues at any organization. Furthermore, the absence of administrators or other staff from the IT help desk can only exacerbate the situation. So if you want to avoid Santa bringing you any nasty surprises, you need a dynamic change configuration auditing solution for server components to bulletproof your IT security system … Read more

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InfoPath is a great form builder tool used to create complex business forms. InfoPath form library is one of the major integration point between Windows SharePoint Services and InfoPath. One can easily submit InfoPath forms to SharePoint lists and libraries to open it in SharePoint using InfoPath Filler or third-party products. When it comes to upgrading InfoPath forms in SharePoint 2013, few things are there that needs to be considered … Read more