04.28.2016 , Auditing, by .

Despite the presence of sophisticated security solutions, often organisations struggle to answer the most basic security questions – who, what, where and when (the 4 W’s). This is particularly pertinent when it comes to the most critical IT systems such as Active Directory, SQL Server, Exchange Server, and SharePoint. Trying to answer these 4 questions using native audit logs alone can be challenging. The importance of the 4 W’s If … Read more

04.21.2016 , Exchange Server, by .

  Like previous versions, Exchange Server 2016 features a mailbox export facility. The procedure to export a mailbox to PST file and the Exchange Management Shell cmdlets are similar to those used in Exchange 2013/2010 versions. If the using GUI is preferred, the procedure is similar to Exchange 2013. To export an EDB mailbox to PST, follow these steps: Assign Mailbox Import Export role to the user Share the destination … Read more

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock you will have undoubtedly have heard of the Panama Papers leak that has affected many of the world’s rich and famous. Now that the immediate aftermath of the biggest data leak in history has passed, and more details concerning the leak have been revealed, it would be a good time to go through what actually happened and why it is important. The leaked … Read more

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In this blog I will discuss some of the common problems facing IT teams today and how 10 of the most useful reports in LepideAuditor Suite can help you overcome them. LepideAuditor Suite is a simple, cost-effective and scalable solution to auditing Active Directory, Group Policy, Exchange Server, SharePoint, SQL Server, and File Server. It also allows you to manage User Password Expiration Reminders, clean-up Active Directory and perform Permission … Read more

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Discovering that sensitive data has been compromised or deleted often happens by chance. But the longer an incident goes undetected, the more potential there is for damaging fallout. In a perfect world, the best way to prevent unwanted change, whether by authorized users or hackers, is to follow security best practices, such as managing privileged access, user permissions, restricting the use of domain admin accounts, and implementing a change control … Read more

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While transitioning mailboxes manually from one version of Exchange server to another, its common to get migration errors. This quick post runs through the most commonly experienced errors and will offer a few helpful hints and tips as to how to troubleshoot and resolve them. Here are a few of the most common error message you’re likely to encounter. Error: Mailbox Database Mounting Failure During message transition from one version … Read more

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On a weekly basis we get asked by our prospects if we’re in ‘Gartner’! To which we reply… there isn’t a quadrant for what we do. We’re not a SIEM vendor so we don’t fit here, we’re not an IAM vendor so we don’t fit in here either. And while there are a number of competitors in our space who appear in some peripheral quadrants the fact is there simply … Read more

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Microsoft SharePoint simplifies sharing and collaboration in organizations. The idea here is simple —create a space where all employees can store and organize their information, and allow them to access and modify through a web browser from anywhere on the network. When you decide to implement SharePoint in your organization, you have many editions to choose from. If you already have SharePoint, you may be confused about upgrading to a … Read more

03.04.2016 , Security, by .

There are many reports of ex-employees trying to sabotage the IT assets of the organization through unauthorized accesses and misuse of data. Also, there are many instances of ex-employees using some critical data related to their past work for reference purposes (usually in their current organization or for a new job search) without being concerned about the security issues or without actually realizing them. Though no evidences are available, many … Read more

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On any other day pushing the start button produces a beep and a grinding sound reverberates in the soundless room with a status check on the monitor showing that the database is “mounted”. But on that particular day, Mr Krish – who is the admin in charge for the Exchange Server in his enterprise – found the status was “dismounted”, and a further investigation using PowerShell commands revealed that the … Read more