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A few weeks ago, InfoSecurity – Europe’s largest Information Security industry event – took place in London and we at Lepide exhibited our auditing and monitoring solution for the first time. Now that we have had time to collect our thoughts we thought it would be a good idea to share what we learnt from talking to some of the industry’s experts. What we learnt is that, despite evidence of … Read more

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With any type of migration there are numerous factors that must be considered before you start. You need to know how the migration will affect the resources of your IT department, whether there will be any downtime and what the most appropriate migration method is. Many organisations decide to deploy third-party solutions to help automate and speed up the migration process – but are they necessary? The most common aspects … Read more

05.20.2016 , Auditing, by .

Is auditing important? With the rising number of security threats, and increasing regularity and strictness of compliance mandates, auditing your IT environment is more important than it has ever been. Effective auditing will help you to fix IT problems faster and give you a better understanding of what’s happening in your IT environment. Modern organizations must have a mature approach to auditing to ensure adequate systems management, security and compliance. … Read more

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All organizations should be able to immediately see what’s happening to their files/folders and when it is happening. With security breaches becoming more common, and compliance mandates becoming more prevalent, the requirement to ensure you have adequate auditing on your file/folders is more important than ever before. In this article we will show you how to audit your file/folder level access using native tools in three steps: A). Enabling the … Read more

05.12.2016 , Migration, by .

One of the biggest obstacles you may face when attempting an Exchange migration from an older version to a newer one is how to move the Public Folders without double hopping. Well, there is no way to avoid this natively; but while performing cross-domain migrations, we can get rid of the double hop trouble. This article will show you how you can use, LepideMigrator for Exchange to migrate Public Folders … Read more

05.05.2016 , Exchange Recovery, by .

Occasionally you may find yourself, for whatever reason, in a position where you have to manually recover a mailbox using Outlook. Luckily, OST files makes this possible – they provide offline folders that are essentially replicas of the master server based folders from which you can synchronize with the Exchange server itself. In this guide we will show you how to easily recover a mailbox using OST file in two … Read more

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Massive data breaches often work the same way. The hacker gains access by exploiting a software security weakness or installing malware through phishing links. Then the hacker grants themselves elevated access so they can login to a database directly. Often this is done with stolen credentials, using user ids that are shipped with software, or brute password dictionary attacks against systems that do not lock accounts when this happens. This … Read more

04.28.2016 , Auditing, by .

Despite the presence of sophisticated security solutions, often organisations struggle to answer the most basic security questions – who, what, where and when (the 4 W’s). This is particularly pertinent when it comes to the most critical IT systems such as Active Directory, SQL Server, Exchange Server, and SharePoint. Trying to answer these 4 questions using native audit logs alone can be challenging. The importance of the 4 W’s If … Read more

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  Like previous versions, Exchange Server 2016 features a mailbox export facility. The procedure to export a mailbox to PST file and the Exchange Management Shell cmdlets are similar to those used in Exchange 2013/2010 versions. If the using GUI is preferred, the procedure is similar to Exchange 2013. To export an EDB mailbox to PST, follow these steps: Assign Mailbox Import Export role to the user Share the destination … Read more

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock you will have undoubtedly have heard of the Panama Papers leak that has affected many of the world’s rich and famous. Now that the immediate aftermath of the biggest data leak in history has passed, and more details concerning the leak have been revealed, it would be a good time to go through what actually happened and why it is important. The leaked … Read more