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Being the lifeblood of organizational email system, it is essential to keep a close watch on Exchange Server and its all aspects. In order to keep organizational email system secure and healthy, an Exchange Server administrator is required to have thorough understanding of organization's email usage including following crucial details:

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Email Usage: How email system is used or misused by organization-wide users? What kind of emails are sent or received within or outside the organization?
OWA Access and Usage: During which time period OWA is accessed the most and by whom? Is OWA being used keeping compliance and security measures in mind?
Mailbox folders, size and usage: How many folders are there in each mailbox, what is their size and what items they contain? How mailboxes' size growing? read more...
Security Threats and Spamming Activities : How many emails are sent or received within or outside the organization by users in specific time period?
Compliance Violation : Who is violating email standards by using false or misleading header information and deceptive subject lines? read more...
Lepide Exchange Reporter- An Avant-garde Exchange Server Reporting Solution

Lepide Exchange Reporter is a comprehensive Exchange server reporting tool that offers complete insight into organization-wide email system usage and infrastructure. It fetches information from Exchange transaction log files and information store, analyzes it and generates over 80+ reports on email flow, mailbox folders and OWA including most miniature but essential details. Software monitors, tracks, analyzes and reports on multiple Servers with automated server scanning, and log files and information store data collection as scheduled by the administrator.

Lepide Exchange Reporter provides an all inclusive solution to generate:
Software Key Features- Have a Glance
Automated Email system Usage Tracking
  • Provides automated server scanning and log files and information store data collection as scheduled by the administrator.
Simplified Reporting and Data Representation
  • Generates over 80+ insightful reports on OWA usage, internally or externally sent/received emails, directory objects, mailbox folders, public folders and storage status.
  • Represents data in graphical and tabular format to make it easily comprehendible.
  • Provides facility to filter reports, schedule and e-mail reports to the specified recipient at scheduled time.
  • Provides the facility to apply user filter through CSV files to include or exclude users mentioned in CSV.
  • Allows exporting reports to HTML, CSV, PDF and DOC format for easy data portability.
Track Email flow and Traffic Pattern at Granular level
  • Generates comprehensive email flow reports containing granular details based on users, receivers, senders and size.
  • Generates reports on interaction between users (grouped by size or date) for specified time period.
Organization-wide Outlook Web Access Usage Analysis
  • Provides details of Outlook web access usage by any individual user or all users available within the organization.
  • Generates report on organization-wide OWA usage for specified time period, each weekday or each hour showing details such as, users who used OWA and to which extent, client computers and server computers used to send and receive OWA request and access.
Track Mailbox Folders
  • Helps to keep a check on email standards and their infringement by users and thus, keeps the organization away from compliance violation, penalties and legal hassles.

Lepide Exchange Reporter- Benefits
  • Keep a constant eye on organizational email system usage.
  • Prevent security breach and email abuse.
  • Easily analyze server traffic for system configuration and design optimization.
  • Save time and efforts consumed in manual Exchange report creation.
  • Stay compliant with security regulations. Get automated data collection, processing and report generation for all Exchange servers in the network.
Evaluate and experience the potential

Download free trial version of Lepide Exchange Reporter to experience its potential and capabilities. Demo version of the software is fully functional but it scans log files of last 15 days only. You can enjoy working with the free demo version for 15 days and make a decision over purchase once satisfied with its potential.

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