Lepide Exchange Reporter

Get reports to ensure security, availability, email usage management, compliance, and optimum performance

Microsoft Exchange Server act as an enabler of the communication for all the organizations opting for an enterprise email system and running MS Active Directory technology. Quite naturally, they also store a vast amount of business-critical data that gets transacted through emails. Administrators need to be in full control of all aspects of the Exchange Server to ensure its security, availability, email usage management, compliance, and optimum performance.

This calls for comprehensive reporting of Exchange Servers in a way that presents precise and actionable information that is easy to acquire and interpret. This requirement is hard to meet using native reporting tools such as Message Tracking Tool in the Exchange Management Console and PowerShell scripts.

Lepide Exchange Reporter (LER) is a comprehensive Exchange Server reporting tool that tracks, analyzes and reports on multiple servers. It automates scanning of log files and Information Stores to present easy-to-interpret and actionable information that offers complete insight into organization-wide email system usage and infrastructure. Software generates 80+ reports on Email flow, Mailbox folders and OWA that elaborate upon all facets of Email usage.

Key Benefits
  • Software provides a handle on Message Tracking Logs, IIS Logs and Exchange Transaction Logs to create efficiency in avoiding security threats.
  • Monitor organizational Email flow to prevent spamming and develop an appropriate content filtering policy for Exchange servers.
  • Stay compliant with the help of LER reports designed specifically keeping external regulations in mind. Read More…
  • Get a deep view of server traffic with ‘Traffic per Domain’ and ‘Traffic Comparison by Type’ reports providing information on emails sent and received per Domain within and outside organization.
  • Plan storage capacity with Information Store, Mailbox, and Public Folder size and growth reports – a point more relevant now as Single Instance Storage (SIS) has been disposed off since Exchange 2010 Read More…
MVP Reviews
  • Lepide Exchange Reporter has it all! LER will bring to any size organization tons of useful built-in reports and that will save hours of the exchange administrator time. The tool supports automation of reports which is a great feature and allows even non-Exchange IT members to manage the tool. Anderson Patricio
  • In my opinion, Lepide Exchange Reporting tool is an excellent tool which can help administrators to keep the environment under control and help in generating various reports for the management, as and when required, without writing any complex scripts. This is a tool that needs to be configured once and schedule it to collect reports on a day-to-day basis ... Krishna Kumar
Software Features
General Reports: This section of the tool covers important aspects of Exchange Server’s usage and infrastructure under eight different categories: Directory Reports, Message Delivery Reports, Mailbox Information Reports, Mailbox Traffic Reports, Outlook Web Access Reports, Public Folder Reports, Server Traffic Reports, and Storage Reports. Read more...
OWA Access and Usage Reports: Get key facts related to OWA usage in your organization such as: users who used OWA, client computers used for OWA access, servers used for OWA access, users who used maximum OWA, client computers which sent maximum OWA requests and servers which responded to maximum OWA requests. Read more...
Mailbox Folder Reports: These reports depict size and growth of Mailboxes, their folders, and email attachments - giving valuable insights that help in regulating mailbox size and improves storage space utilization. Read more...
E-mail Flow Reports: Get comprehensive and precise reports on the mailbox traffic of the entire network. Details such as, all emails sent and received within a particular duration, emails sent outside and inside organization, interaction between users in a particular duration can be ascertained within minutes. Read more...
Intuitive Dashboard: It presents the key statistics of the Exchange server in graphical format so that you can perceive its actual state at a glance.
Schedule Reports: Schedule generating and emailing reports to the specified recipients.
Export reports: Reports are laid out in tabular and graphical formats which make them easy to interpret; you can export them in HTML, CSV, PDF and DOC format for offline access and portability.
Evaluate free version:

Lepide Exchange Reporter is available for a free evaluation period of 30 days. Free trial version is fully functional but scans log of last 30 days only and the reports show records of a period of maximum 15 days only. Download the free version now to get hands-on experience of software.