Lepide Local User Management Software

Lepide User Management software helps administrators to manage user accounts within any Domain. It is a free tool but consists of many useful features. Along with, managing and providing information about local user accounts, the software also aids the administrator to reset local user passwords and enable or disable account status. This freeware allows administrators to ensure complete control over local user accounts of their domain users.

Lepide User Management is an enterprise level application for Active Directory management which eliminates the need to manage user accounts locally. As an administrator, you can even remotely use the software to enable, disable the accounts and reset their passwords.

Key Features
  • Totally free software to manage local user accounts within Domain.
  • Allows easy password resetting.
  • Facilitates enabling and disabling of account status.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Helps in saving a lot of business hours for administrators.
Working of Lepide User Management

Lepide User Management software displays information regarding any user account in a particular network and helps managing local user accounts in the Domain proficiently. To fetch proper information about any particular user account, it is important to type the correct user credentials. After entering the username and password in the relevant fields, administrators can view and make changes in the existing user accounts of the selected user.

How to Use Lepide User Management?

Given below are the steps showing how to work with Lepide User Management software

  • Launch Lepide User Management upon installation.
  • Browse Computer Name and enter the logon credentials in the corresponding text fields.
  • Choose the user whose password needs to be reset and click Reset Password button.
  • Enter the new password in Enter New Password column and click OK. The password of the selected user will be reset provided the given information meets the password policy and complexity.
  • Similarly, you can enable or disable any user account with Enable and Disable buttons.
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