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Save money, optimize software licenses, maximize output with only required assets

Maximize outputs with only required assets. Lepide Software Asset Management Tool lists software installed on multiple workstations throughout the network, optimize software licenses, organize licenses, and save money with.

Lepide Software Asset Management is an enterprise level tool to manage software license and compliance standards. This tool is specifically designed to control organizational investment, meet software license compliance, optimize software licenses, keep legal issues miles away, increase ROI, and enhance employee satisfaction.

Software benefits
Helps Saving Money: Buying more software licenses when the organization is already having the required licenses is a result of insufficient information about the available software licenses. The Lepide Software Asset Management tool presents a clear picture about the available software licenses, thereby helps saving money that would have been wasted in buying additional software licenses that are not required at the current moment.
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Helps Meeting Software License Compliance: Meeting software license compliance is must to curb the legal issues that may harm the reputation of the organization and cause huge penalties as well. The software segregates software installed on computers based on their license types like OEM, freeware, shareware, enterprise, Client Access License (CAL), etc. thereby helps meeting software license compliances.
Helps Optimizing Software Licenses: Provides complete information on which software is installed on which computer, what is the software title, when the software is installed, when the software license will expire, what is the software license type, and so on.
Helps Organizing Software Licenses: The Lepide Software Asset Management tool provides a clear picture about the used and available software licenses. The software helps generating various reports that help organizing available licenses. For example, if you have not specified the license type for some software then you can do this after optimizing the software licenses.
Helps Increasing Employees Satisfaction: Employees working for an organization using Software Asset Management tool are always feeling satisfied, as they get relived from the duty of informing the system administrator about software license expiry. Furthermore, they do not need to halt their work because of software license expiry, as the administrator will have complete information about software license expiry based on which new licenses are purchased to let the employees keep working.
Helps Increasing ROI: Dealing with software expiry and license renewal issues, is a time-consuming process. By providing the complete information about the available software licenses and software license expiry, the Lepide Software Asset Management tool helps employees keep working. That is the employees do not need to wait for the license purchase once it has been expired. This way productivity gets increased, which results in high ROI.
Helps Finding and Removing Illegally Downloaded Software: The software scans the complete network to locate the software that are illegally downloaded (without a notification to the system administrator), thereby helps keeping the computers and network drive safe from various types of viruses, malware, spyware, and other harmful programs.
Helps Executing Software Audit: Internal and external software audits are often done to check if the organization meets the software license compliance or not. The Lepide Software Asset Management tool helps the auditors to know if the organization is meeting the software license compliance or not by automatically generating various license and compliance reports.
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These benefits can be availed by deploying the Lepide Software Asset Management tool. The self-descriptive graphical user interface of the software makes it easy to manage software assets.

What Our Client Says
  • "Lepide Software Asset management is a superlative and qualitative product. The level of support that Lepide Software guys have given was just amazing. Every time I required assistance with the product, the technical support team was polite, accurate, prompt to all our questions. From the IT perspective, the software is quite easy to use, deploy and maintain. Running the tool is easy as the tool is self descriptive. Moreover, the pie chart depiction of software utilization etc makes the asset management easy. The tool is helping us save time and money.Louis Scherer, Support Operations Department
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A free yet fully featured trial version of the Lepide Software Asset Management tool is also available, which can be used to ensure software license and compliance standards. The free trial version can be used to manage 25 nodes for unlimited period of time. These limitations can be overcome by purchasing the full version of the computer asset management software.

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