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Lepide Last Logon Reporter

Lepide Last Logon Reporter

Knowing the last logon time of Users in the domain is important for administrators for a number of reasons. Lepide Last Logon Reporter provides accurate last logon time of all the users in the domain with just a few clicks. Software is very easy to install and provides the required information about all the users in the Domain Controller in a list.

Lepide Last Logon Reporter
Why knowing Last Logon time is important?
  • This information is important for Compliance and Security purpose.
  • It helps to filter out User accounts that rarely logon to the domain.
  • Helps to find out the User accounts that have never log on to the domain.
How Lepide Last Logon Reporter Works?

Working of the tool is very simple. It takes just a few steps to discover this information from domain controllers.

  • Install Lepide Last Logon Reporter on any system in the domain.
  • Specify Domain Name/IP of the Domain Controller, User Login Name and Password. You need to provide administrator's credentials to view information of all users in the domain.
  • Click Generate Reports button.

List of all the Users with last logon time is displayed in the report.

Features of Lepide Last Logon Reporter:
  • Offers information in three columns - User Name, Common Name and Last Logon Time.
  • Allows saving the report in CSV and HTML format.
  • You can sort the records in ascending or descending order on the basis of any column.
  • Filter records on the basis of User Name, Common Name and Last Logon Time. Type just a few characters in the first cell of the columns and only matching records will be displayed below.
  • Simply click on cross button to remove the filters from column.

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