LepideAuditor for Active Directory

LepideAuditor for Active Directory (LAAD) gives the complete control over Active Directory. Ranging from notifying the crucial changes in real-time to restore the modified or deleted objects and auditing all events to monitor its security aspects, it offers all options to command the Active Directory.

Auditing the Active Directory is quite important for the organizations as it ensures the integrity and safety of their IT infrastructure. Unwanted changes inside a non-secured environment can create an irreparable loss that can't be compensated later on. Neither native tools meet the latest requirements of regulatory compliances nor do they have any mechanism to restore the unwanted changes.

Native auditing suffers from critical drawbacks. Not only it shows every change log in raw formats, but it also lacks long-term storage. Moreover, there is no system to alert the Administrators about any unwanted change in real-time.

LepideAuditor for Active Directory is a powerful tool to track and control Active Directory changes to maintain a highly secured AD environment. As a part of LepideAuditor Suite, LAAD inherits its all the features and benefits. It tracks all day-to-day changes in AD, generates alerts when something undesirable takes place, and makes it possible to roll back changes to give complete control over AD.

Benefits of LepideAuditor for Active Directory
  • Real Time Active Directory Monitoring:
    Monitor Active Directory environment in real-time and know in detail who is doing what, when, and from where. All changes are recorded seamlessly and presented in the easy-to-read format in LiveFeed, alerts, and audit reports. The previous- & after-change values for every change are also displayed.
  • Restoration:
    LAAD takes regular snapshots of the Active Directory objects at the desired frequency. To protect the Active Directory from undesirable changes, the Administrators can restore the state of objects using the snapshots. “Restore from Tombstone” feature allows the easy retrieval of the deleted objects.
  • Secure Active Directory:
    You can use predefined AD Security Reports to conduct the comparative analysis of permissions, ownership, and audit settings of the objects between two dates. This will indeed help the administrators to keep a check on the changing permissions and ownerships of users to crucial AD objects in order to avoid any security breach.
  • Eliminate Risk Factors:
    Create a highly secured Active Directory environment that ensures business continuity by eliminating all risk factors (such as security breach, compliance violation, fraudulent activities etc.) associated with AD.
Software Features
  • Custom Reports Apart from more than 70 predefined reports, the users can generate the custom reports to monitor the specific objects. These custom reports can be saved on the disk and scheduled to be emailed on periodic intervals.
  • Change Illustration & ControlAll changes even at lower-levels are captured with complete information. The users can easily identify the impacted object/attribute along with previous- & after-value for every change. LepideAuditor for Active Directory provides the complete AD Change Control over as it lets you rollback the unwanted changes quickly and retrieve the deleted objects easily.
  • Dedicated User Logon/Logoff ReportInstead of burying the user logon items underneath the report hierarchy, LAAD has a dedicated and easy-to-accessible section for user logon/logoff reports.
Evaluate before Purchase

As a part of LepideAuditor Suite, LepideAuditor for Active Directory is also available for free evaluation. Free trial version is available for the period of 15 days. During this period, Active Directory can be restored to any required state of last 4 days and the reports can be generated only for the last 15 days.