The Active Directory query functions have been enhanced and simplified in updated version of Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting. With updated version, one can now query Active Directory for multiple users, computers, groups or OUs/ containers. Administrator can simply select multiple users, groups, computers or OUs/ containers and execute built in query on them or create customized queries. New functionalities for multiple users:
  • Group Attributes like Add to Group, Remove From Group and Set Primary Group are now available for both single and multiple users.
  • Group Membership of both Single and Bulk Users can be viewed.
  • One can select and copy multiple users to remote server using the option Copy to Server, can send message to multiple users at once.

New functionalities for multiple Computers:
  • Now it is possible to Install, Control and Start Up Services on bulk computers simultaneously.
  • Administrator can now select multiple computers and add Jobs on all of them at once.
  • Functions like Remove from domain, Send Wake up request and Shut down are now possible to perform of multiple computers.
  • Terminal server sessions added for bulk computers.

New functionalities for multiple Groups:
  • Now one can View Group Members (Direct and Indirect) of multiple Groups simultaneously.
  • Group Attributes like Add members and Remove members options are available for multiple groups.
  • Multiple groups can be selected and copied to remote server, as Copy to Server option has added for multiple groups.
  • Multiple groups can be selected and moved to a container.

Other Advancements:
  • Remote Control option has been added in right click of Single Computer.
  • Right click context menu provided in Disk Space of single computer including all shell functions like Open, Explore etc.
  • Reboot option is now available in right click menu of Single Computer.
  • Latest OS list added to reports.

Enhanced GUI Updated version of LADMR is available with more interactive GUI to simplify Active Directory Management and Reporting. Both management and reporting consoles are now available in a new look and theme.

The new version of the product can be downloaded from our website: