Active Directory Auditing

It is our belief that all organizations, irrespective of size, sector or budget, should be able to easily audit Active Directory changes without breaking the bank. Our award-winning Active Directory change auditing solution provides a scalable means to instantly track who, what, where and when changes are made to your Active Directory. It sends real time alerts and provides detailed Active Directory audit reports to help with all manner of security, systems management and compliance challenges.

Aside from alerting, reporting and meeting compliance mandates, this audit solution also offers users the ability to rollback changes made to Active Directory and an integrated HealthCheck monitoring of Active Directory. It provides a simple way of tracking and managing inactive Active Directory user accounts.

Get a bird’s eye view of your whole environment

Our intuitive 360º dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of your whole Active Directory environment. Instantly see a summary of the total number of changes made to Active Directory, total number of changes per administrator, per source and even by trend to help you identify change/event anomalies. It also shows you critical information pertaining to the performance of specified servers to help you identify any potential continuity or performance issues. Our LiveFeed feature enables you to see all changes being made as they happen to ensure that you are constantly aware of what’s happening in your critical IT servers.

Our intuitive dashboard

Granular audit reports for Active Directory changes

We offer a single log for a single change displaying who, what, where and when the changes are made. We then provide this data to you through more than 90 relevant reports to help you address all manner of compliance, security, and system management challenges. With every change, we show you the original state to give you some overall context. All the reports are delivered on schedule through email in CSV, MHT and PDF file formats. These Active Directory audit reports can be shared with other users through a secure web console. Read more

An audit report generated by LepideAuditor

Alert on critical Active Directory changes

Half the battle for IT teams is ensuring they understand when things are happening in order to make relevant decisions as to whether action is required. To address this, we offer two different types of real time alerts. We can offer either an alert based on a single condition/event or threshold based alerts where you can define a policy for when you want an alert to be sent. For example, we can alert you based on a multiple event occurrence over a pre-defined time and date criteria. This helps potentially spot suspicious behaviour or anomalies within the IT environment.

A real time alert generated by LepideAuditor

Track changes on the go

Our mobile app is designed to work on any Apple or Android enabled device. It provides IT teams with a simple means of keep tracking of changes being made to the Active Directory environment. It displays a LiveFeed of changes being made straight to give IT the insight they need, when and where they need it. Read more

Our mobile application on a hand-held device

Roll back unwanted Active Directory changes

From time to time, an unwanted or unplanned change will need to be restored to its original value. For example, a user account may have been modified in error or a Junior Administrator may have deleted an OU. Our rollback feature enables you to reverse changes made in a single click. It restores everything to exactly as it was before the change – including group memberships, attributes, permissions and more. It’s simply the easiest way to roll back and restore Active Directory or Group Policy changes. Read more

Lepide Object Restore Wizard

Audit and analyze Active Directory permission changes

Ensuring the right people have the right levels of access to the right data is a critical part of ensuring a least privilege policy and defending against insider threats. Whenever permissions change, you need to be aware of it. Our Active Directory auditing solution provides detailed information on historical permission changes between two specific time intervals. It also shows all permissions to an object and compares the permissions of an object between two dates. All permissions held by the objects and permissions modifications in Active Directory are also displayed.

A video taking you through how LepideAuditor audits permissions and permission changes

Active Directory compliance reports

As with all of our solutions, we offer a single log for a single change displaying simply who, what, where and when the changes are made. We then provide this data to you via multiple relevant reports to help you address PCI, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, and other compliance requirements. Aside from changes, this solution also delivers a wide range of Security and State Reports for your Active Directory. These reports can be sent through email to selected recipients and can be shared via a secure web console.

Active Directory compliance reports

Our Inactive User report for Active Directory

Cleanup inactive Active Directory accounts

LepideAuditor also comes with our Active Directory cleaner solution as an integrated feature. This provides an automated means of identifying inactive AD user and computer accounts. It gives the option to move these users and computers to an alternative OU, delete them or notify about them, as required.
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Active Directory password expiry notifications

A common problem for IT teams is keeping track of when passwords are nearing their expiry date. Regularly changing passwords is good practice for keeping the network secure. LepideAuditor for Active Directory reminds users when their passwords are due to expire. It delivers reports for account lockouts, password changes, passwords that never expire and much more. We also provide a separate solution (not included in LepideAuditor) that also allows users to reset their passwords without having to call the helpdesk (Active Directory Self Service).
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Our audit report displaying users with soon to expire passwords

Our Active Directory health check feature

Active Directory HealthCheck

Lepide Active Directory HealthCheck is an integrated feature, which provides a simple and powerful means of keeping track of important elements of your Active Directory to ensure the continuity and health of the environment. It provides continuous monitoring and real time alerting for NT Directory services (NTDS), DNS Servers, Disk space, CPU, Memory along with service and replication activity. This way be more confident that your servers won’t fail without warning.
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