Introducing the Data Security Platform from Lepide. Is your sensitive data secure? Who has access to it? What are your users doing with it? Prove compliance and improve your data security with LepideAuditor.

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Thousands of companies all over the world use LepideAuditor to help prevent data breaches

Data Security Platform

Our Data Security Platform leverages Data-Centric Audit & Protection for enterprise-level insight into your data and the surrounding systems, whether on-premise or in the cloud. We help all members of the IT and security teams get value, from fixing technical, point problems to proving that your data is secure for compliance audits.

Discover Data in Places Where it Shouldn’t Be & Classify It

Discover and classify sensitive data so that you know where your most sensitive data is and why it is sensitive. Enabling you to focus your security strategy and meet compliance demands.

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Ensure You Aren’t Giving Access to the Wrong People

Determine who has permissions to access your most sensitive data and see how those permissions were applied. Identify users with excessive permissions to help implement a policy of least privilege.

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Spot Unwanted User Interactions with Data

Automatically identify anomalous user interaction with your data and systems that could pose a risk to security. Speed up the detection and response to threats to mitigate potential damages.

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Monitor & Report on Unwanted Changes to Systems

Audit, report and alert on unwanted changes taking place to critical systems (such as Active Directory, File Server and much more) that may affect the security of your data or your compliance.

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How We Do It

  • Change Auditing and Reporting Track changes to critical data, systems and permissions on-premise and in the cloud. Over 300 pre-set reports help with a whole range of security and compliance challenges. Easily identify answers to the 'who, what, where and when’ auditing questions.
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  • Data Discovery and Classification Scan your files at the point of creation and classify the sensitive, regulated or business-critical data so that you know where best to focus your cybersecurity efforts. Automatically classify data according to compliance requirements and analyze it based on risk.
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  • Bird’s Eye View of Your Security Our intuitive dashboard gives you a holistic view of your whole environment. Instantly see a summary of the total number of changes made to each platform, total number of changes per administrator, changes by source and even changes by trend to help you identify change / event anomalies.
  • Real Time Alerting on Critical Changes LepideAuditor comes with dedicated predefined reports to meet all manner of security and compliance challenges; including PCI, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, FISMA, CCPA and GDPR. Alerts based on a single event or threshold condition can be delivered in real time to ensure that you have constant visibility over what’s happening with your critical systems and data.
  • Analyze User Behavior and Respond to Threats Our anomaly spotting technology can automatically detect when user behavior deviates from what is considered to be normal and can alert you accordingly. Remove false positives and even spot single point anomalies easily. Automate your response to threats by executing custom scripts upon the detection of anomalous activity.

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Wide Coverage

We provide visibility into where data is and what is happening to it, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

With over 300 pre-defined audit reports, and real time alerts, you can get the answers to the “who, what, where and when” auditing questions.

Ensure you have a continuous and proactive means of tracking changes related to data and the surrounding systems, whatever platform you use.

Why Choose LepideAuditor?

Our pre-set reports and real time alerts deliver instant value.


Our solution is the fastest growing Data Security Platform on the market.


Our customers praise our support as one of the best in the market.


Other vendors providing the same functionality tend to be overly expensive.


You’ll be up and running with LepideAuditor in no time at all.

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