Data Security Platform

Is your sensitive data secure? Who has access to it? What are your users doing with it? Prove compliance and improve your data security with Lepide Data Security Platform.


Protect Data, Meet Compliance and Detect Threats

Lepide leverages Data-Centric Audit & Protection for enterprise-level insight into your data and the surrounding systems, whether on-premise or in the cloud. We help all members of the IT and security teams get value, from fixing technical, point problems to proving that your data is secure for compliance audits.

Locate Sensitive Data

Identify risk by finding out where your most sensitive data resides and why it is sensitive.

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Implement Zero Trust

Ensure that only the appropriate people have access to your most sensitive data.

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Detect & Prevent Threats

Analyze user behavior and spot anomalies so that you can take preventative steps.

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Get Complete Visibility

Get detailed auditing, reporting and alerting on critical changes to your environment and data.

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  • Data Classification Discover and classify sensitive data so that you know where your most sensitive data is and why it is sensitive. Enabling you to focus your security strategy and meet compliance demands.
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  • Data Access GovernanceDetermine who has permissions to access your most sensitive data and see how those permissions were applied. Identify users with excessive permissions to help implement a policy of least privilege.
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  • User & Entity Behavior AnalyticsAutomatically identify anomalous user interaction with your data and systems that could pose a risk to security. Speed up the detection and response to threats to mitigate potential damages.
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  • Change Auditing & ReportingAudit, report and alert on unwanted changes taking place to critical systems (such as Active Directory, File Server and much more) that may affect the security of your data or your compliance.
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Protect Core Systems – On-Premise and in the Cloud

You can also integrate with any of your favorite apps or SIEM solutions for even wider coverage.

Ready To Start Using Lepide?

We offer a fully functional free trial that runs for 15-days with no obligation at the end. If you don’t want to trial the solution, you can schedule an in-depth, personalized demo by clicking on the link below.

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