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Easily Meet Compliance Regulations

Our pre-defined reports have been tailor-made to help you meet numerous compliance standards more easily. Lepide can
help you meet all manner of compliance standards, including GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, SOX and many more…

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Achieve and Maintain Compliance Standards

Many compliance standards are intensely rigorous and require constant and pro-active auditing. Lepide makes this possible through pre-defined reports, real time alerts and risk analysis dashboards that we have designed in order to specifically meet the most common compliance mandates in all industries.

  • 1Discover and Classify Regulated Data
  • 2Ensure a Policy of Least Privilege
  • 3Enforce Data Protection Policies
  • 4Alert on Anomalous User Behavior
  • 5Fulfill Subject Access Requests

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Request a personalized, 30-minute demo of Lepide Data Security Platform to see how it can be used to protect sensitive data, meet compliance and respond to security threats.

Hundreds of Compliance Reports

Our Data Security Platform comes packaged with hundreds of compliance reports that have been designed to cover specific data security related articles and chapters in common compliance mandates.

Reduce the time it takes to demonstrate compliance by simply generating one of our pre-set reports in a matter of seconds.

Detect and React to Threats Involving Regulated Data

Spot anomalies in user behavior involving regulated data using one of our pre-defined threat models. Trigger real time alerts and execute scripts to take decisive action to maintain the security of data and stay compliant.


See Current Threats and Get Advice on How to Respond

The Lepide Risk Analysis is a completely free, turnkey service that enables organizations to see where their current threats are and how to respond.