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Our powerful Exchange auditing tool (for on-premises and online) gives you valuable insights into mailbox access, permissions changes, configuration changes and more. It helps maintain the integrity of your Exchange infrastructure.

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Exchange Auditing Solution for On-Premises and Cloud Environments

Our Exchange Auditing solution provides a simple, cost-effective way of seeing who, what, where and when changes are made to your on-premises and cloud-based Exchange environment. It gives you real time alerts when suspicious changes occur and provides you with hundreds of reports – all showing you before and after values of every change made. Simply put – it gives you the insight you need to make faster decisions to resolve issues quicker.

Exchange Server Change Auditing On-Premise and Cloud Exchange Auditing

Overcome the limitations of native Exchange auditing through increased visibility into the who, what, where and when audit questions.

Monitor Non-Owner Mailbox Access - icon Monitor Non-Owner Mailbox Access

Report on when non-owners access specific mailboxes. Find out who accessed the mailbox, when, from where and what activities occurred.

Real Time Customizable Alerts - icon Real Time Customizable Alerts

Decrease the time it takes for you to spot and react to potentially damaging changes in Exchange through custom real time alerts and Mobile App.

Pre-Defined Reporting for Security and Compliance - icon Pre-Defined Reporting for Security and Compliance

Pre-defined reports for common security and compliance concerns, including PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, SOX and more.

Spot Sensitive Data Sent Over Exchange - icon Spot Sensitive Data Sent Over Exchange

Get real time alerts delivered when sensitive data is sent within or outside the organization via Exchange.

Monitor the Health of Your Exchange Server - icon Analyze Permissions to Mailboxes

See who has full or partial access to mailboxes and track when permissions change to reduce risk to data.

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What Makes Our Exchange Auditing Software Different?

The Lepide Exchange auditing solution enables you to easily audit, monitor and alert on everything that is happening to on-premises or cloud-based Exchange, all from a single platform. Get the critical information you need in a way that’s readable, understandable and actionable.

Monitor and Audit Exchange Changes

Lepide for Exchange Server and Exchange Online offers dedicated, proactive, and continuous Microsoft Exchange monitoring. Get visibility into user activity, critical changes, permissions, configurations, non-owner mailbox access, and more. If anything changes, you can easily see the critical who, what, when and where audit questions in a single pane of glass.

Exchange Sever auditing
Granular Audit Reports for Exchange Changes

The simple, yet granular, Exchange audit reports give you answers to the “who, what, when and where” auditing questions in a single log for a single change. Over 80 pre-defined reports have been included for Exchange Server and Exchange Online to help you instantly find the audit data you require for your security or compliance demands.

Exchange Server audit reports
Reports on Exchange Security and Compliance

Over 80 pre-defined reports for Exchange Server and Exchange Online to help address a number of compliance mandates (such as PCI, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA and GDPR), along with all manner of security tasks. We specifically monitor changes made to mailbox databases, exchange policies, storage groups, and more. All reports can be drilled down based on the object class. All of the reports are delivered on schedule either in CSV, PDF, HTML, DOC or TXT or via secure web console for further manipulation as needed.

Exchange Server compliance audit reports
Exchange Server Health Monitoring

Lepide Exchange Server HealthCheck is an integrated feature of our Lepide Data Security Platform that provides a simple and powerful dashboard to help you keep track of important elements pertaining to Exchange Server health and continuity. It provides continuous monitoring and real time alerting based on resource utilization, exchange server status, mailbox database size, EDB size monitoring and message queues.

Monitor Exchange Server health

What We Audit in Exchange Server and Exchange Online

Our Exchange Server auditing solution helps organizations overcome the limitations of native auditing, by aggregating event log data into “single-pane” reports. Get all the information you need, including “who, what, when and where” all in one report. Below is a non-exhaustive list of what our Exchange Server auditing solution can do.

Audit Exchange Mailbox Permissions

Our Exchange auditing tool allows you to audit both current mailbox permissions and mailbox permission changes more effectively. Ensure that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive data, maintain control over user permissions, and mitigate the risk of unauthorized data breaches.

Audit Exchange Mailbox Permissions
Audit Exchange Mailbox Access and Logins

With our Exchange Auditing solution, you can track and monitor mailbox access by owners and nonowners in real time. Identify any suspicious activity, monitor mailbox logins to ensure data privacy, detect unauthorized access, prevent data breaches, comply with regulatory requirements, and hold individuals accountable for any unauthorized activities or data misuse.

Audit Exchange Mailbox Access
Audit Mailbox Property Changes

Stay informed about any changes made to mailbox properties with our comprehensive auditing capabilities. Easily track modifications to mailbox settings, attributes, and configurations, ensuring data integrity and accountability within your Exchange Server environment.

Audit Mailbox Property Changes
Audit Server Configuration Settings

Ensure the security and stability of your Exchange environment by auditing configuration settings. Track modifications made to server settings, software installations, and system configurations, enabling you to maintain control and prevent any inadvertent security vulnerabilities.

Audit Server Configuration Settings
Track Mailbox Activity

Get detailed information on mailboxes access by owners, including the operations that the user performed (such as soft deletes, move to delete, create, and update).

Track Mailbox Activity
Monitor Email Content

Our Exchange Server Auditing tool allows you to discover and classify sensitive data, so that you can determine whether sensitive data is being accessed by non-owners or shared outside of the organization.

Monitor Email Content
Track Database Changes

With our Exchange Server Auditing solution, you can effortlessly track and monitor changes made to your database. Stay updated on modifications, such as additions, deletions, and updates, ensuring data integrity, regulatory compliance, and facilitating efficient troubleshooting when needed.

Track Database Changes
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