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SharePoint is an incredibly powerful solution when appropriately used. It helps teams collaborate efficiently and provides an invaluable platform for sharing data. However, keeping track of the configuration and content can be a real headache. Knowing who is accessing what and what changes are being made can be a tough task. Unless, of course, you’re using Lepide. LepideAuditor for SharePoint Server provides a simple solution to audit and monitor security, configuration and data level changes across your SharePoint environment.

Complete visibility into SharePoint changes

Our easy-to-use, graphical dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of your whole SharePoint Server environment. It enables you to instantly determine the total number of changes made to SharePoint Server, the total number of changes per administrator and per source. LepideAuditor for SharePoint even allows you to identify change/event anomalies by displaying change trends over time. Critical information on server performance is also displayed, to help you pre-empt potential performance issues. All these changes are delivered through a LiveFeed, as and when they happen, to ensure that you are proactively auditing SharePoint Server.

Granular reports to help audit SharePoint Server

We keep track of all changes as they happen. Our solutions offer a single log displaying the “who, what, when and where” details of every change made. We then provide this data to you via hundreds of relevant reports to help you address PCI, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA reporting requirements along with all manner of security and systems management tasks. All of the reports are delivered on schedule either in CSV, MHT, or PDF. You can also delegate the rights to users to view the specific reports via secure web console.

Real-time Alerts with Advanced Filtration and Threshold-limit

The most important aspect of keeping track of SharePoint changes is to receive alerts on those changes in real time. This way, you can be sure that no critical change occurs without you knowing. Our real time alerting feature will notify you of configuration changes in SharePoint in the form of Live updates to console, as emails or as notifications to LepideAuditor App. You can customize the alerting with advanced filtration and threshold limits. Be proactive in securing your IT environment with an inbuilt option to execute your customized script upon detecting any critical event. This Incident Responsive Action can disable or delete a user, shut down your computer and more.

Keep track of changes from your mobile device

The Mobile App is available for any Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad or any Android phone or tablet. It enables IT teams to monitor configuration changes made to SharePoint on the move. Whenever a critical change is detected (such as a document being deleted, a user being given excessive privileges or a user being deleted), you will get an instant push-notifications. Our App also lets you to receive alerts based on threshold conditions so that, for example, if 5 file deletions occur in 10 minutes, you’ll know. Read more

Compliance Reports

In today’s next-generation, SharePoint means a lot because of its storage capacity, availability, and all around access. So the focus of regulatory compliances is also more on SharePoint Server as compared to other components. We provide predefined reports available in multiple relevant formats to help you address PCI, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, FISMA, and GDPR compliance requirements adequately. Read more

SharePoint Modifications Report

Audit all SharePoint Server configuration changes

The way SharePoint organizes its data can be somewhat complicated, and the implications of just one wrong change can have serious consequences. Subsequently, we think it’s important to audit all aspects of SharePoint including server farms, library, sites, collections, lists and users and more. Lepide SharePoint Auditor enables quicker, easier and more secure SharePoint Server auditing. Our solution also lets you translate events into simple terms and stores data in one centralized and secure database.

Record and track every SharePoint permission change

Are you able to see who has what permission granted to a SharePoint Site, Library or a List? SharePoint data access is controlled by the permissions given to users. What would happen if permissions were changed without notice? This kind of situation should be avoided at all costs. Auditing permission changes for SharePoint Server is, therefore, a necessity. Lepide SharePoint Auditing Solution audits permission changes and shows what has been changed, who initiated the change, when and from where the change was made. It also sends you real-time alerts (with filtration and threshold limits, if required) on every permission change as an email or as notifications to the LepideAuditor App.

Display all SharePoint User Profile changes

Not all Active Directory users should have access to SharePoint. When deciding who should have access to your SharePoint Server, audit the user profile changes to determine details of user creation, modifications, and deletions. Lepide SharePoint Server Auditor displays reports on modifications within the user profiles and alerts you on these changes.

Our advanced search for SharePoint changes

Deliver improved insight, when you need it

A key feature of our auditing platform is our robust report customization functionality. We provide a logical and intuitive interface where you can search based on object path, user, and resource as needed, apply multiple filters, sort the report, make searches, and do other auditing tasks. It simplifies the work of even the most complex of IT auditing.

SharePoint Server audit delegation

Enable secure SharePoint audit delegation

While you may want certain users to see specific SharePoint audit reports, however, it’s quite likely that you don’t want everyone to have full access to the console. We offer a secure web-based console in which IT teams can grant access to only specific reports to be accessed as we think it’s important given the sensitivity of the audit data. We also allow the encryption of the data while at rest.

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