SharePoint Audit

SharePoint is an incredibly powerful solution when used properly. It helps teams collaborate effectively and provides an invaluable platform for sharing data. However keeping track of the configuration and content can be a real headache. Trying to work out who is accessing what and what changes are being made happening can be a tough task. Unless, of course, you’re using Lepide. Our SharePoint auditing solution provides a simple solution to audit and monitor security, configuration and data level changes across your SharePoint environment.

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SharePoint Modifications Report

We simplify auditing complex SharePoint data structures

The way SharePoint organizes its data can be somewhat complex and the implications of just one wrong change can have serious consequences. Subsequently we think it’s important to audit all aspects of SharePoint including server farms, library, sites, collections, lists and users and more. We also keep complete track of any hierarchy changes. We do all of this via a simple, lightweight agent which is continuously checking for changes in real time.

SharePoint Dashboard

We help you identify and spot SharePoint change trends

Using our SharePoint Trend dashboard we can help you identify specific trends in the changes, showing you things such as top users, most amount of modifications, trends in terms of the change type and more.

SharePoint Server Compliance Report

We provide reports to help with SharePoint security, compliance and management

We keep track of all changes as they happen. Our solutions offer a single log displaying the “who, what, when and where” details of every change made. We then provide this data to you via hundreds of relevant reports to help you address PCI, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA reporting requirements along with all manner of security and systems management tasks. All of the reports are delivered on schedule either in CSV, PDF, HTML, DOC or TXT or via secure web console for further manipulation as needed.

Our advanced search for SharePoint changes

We make it easy to get to the detail you need, when you need it

A key feature of our auditing platform is our powerful search functionality. We provide a logical and intuitive interface where you can search based on object path, user and resource as needed and create custom searches and filters which you can save for future use. It makes light work of even the most complex of searches.

An SharePoint Server Alert

We offer single or threshold based alerting delivered to the console and your inbox

Our real time alerting feature will notify you based on the condition of a single event or on time and event based threshold conditions. These alerts can be delivered direct to the console or via email.

A Document Modified report for SharePoint Server

We give context to changes

Naturally, you want to know if anything in your SharePoint environment has been changed. But the real value comes from the context. We think it’s important to show you what it was changed from. The granular reporting is designed to help address all manner of security, systems management and compliance challenges with the aim of simplifying the job of the IT team.

Our SharePoint Modification Feed on the LepideAuditor App

We make it easy for IT teams to keep track of changes on mobile devices

The Mobile App enables IT teams to monitor changes to SharePoint on the move. It provides a live feed of all IT changes as they happen straight to any Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad or any Android phone or tablet.
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SharePoint Server audit delegation

We make SharePoint audit delegation more secure

While you may want certain users to see certain SharePoint audit reports it’s quite likely you won’t want everyone to have full access to the console. We offer a secure web based console in which IT teams can grant access to only specific reports to be accessed. We also think it’s important given the sensitivity of the audit data we also allow the encryption of the data while at rest.

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