calendarDecember 5, 2022, user Product Update

With Lepide Data Security Platform 22.1, Lepide is taking active steps towards providing enterprise visibility over what is happening to sensitive data and critical infrastructure, and doing so in a way that is accessible, user-friendly, modern and logical. In a previous release, Lepide introduced a new Web Console in beta format to a few key customers, and after taking on board feedback from customers, is now making the full version … Read more

calendarNovember 11, 2022, user Product Update

With the latest update of Lepide Active Directory Self Service (LADSS) 22.1, administrators can now specify the number of wrong attempts before a user is locked out, and the duration that the user is locked out for. You can also block users and IP addresses by Group. Any member of a blocked group will not be able to log into the solution, further enhancing the security of Active Directory. In … Read more

calendarDecember 16, 2021, user Announcement

Lepide, a data security vendor has evaluated their entire product portfolio for exposure to this critical vulnerability in the Log4j open-source package announced on December 10, 2021. Confirmed Affected Products – Action Required (See instructions below) Lepide Active Directory Self Service Confirmed Unaffected Products/Tools – No Action Required Lepide Data Security Platform Lepide Data Security Platform Web Console and Report Viewer Lepide Change Reporter Lepide Account Lockout Examiner Lepide Open … Read more

calendarOctober 25, 2021, user Announcement

The last few years have been challenging for many organizations, as the pandemic forced changes in infrastructure and working patterns, and a myriad of new security threats emerged. At Lepide, we understand that many companies face significant challenges with visibility over the security of their sensitive data. With Lepide Data Security Platform 21.2, we are taking the next step towards providing that complete customizable visibility. The Lepide Data Security Platform … Read more

calendarMarch 8, 2021, user Product Update

8 March 2021, Austin, Texas – Over the years, we have come to understand the challenges customers are experiencing with other Data Security Platforms, and we have taken it all on board. With the Lepide Data Security Platform 21.1, we decided to completely overhaul how our solution scales, to better serve our customers’ needs. In organizations that have a large number of unstructured data stores, security teams have really struggled … Read more

calendarFebruary 2, 2021, user Announcement

Lepide and Atakama are pleased to announce that they have entered into a global strategic partnership, combining Lepide’s disruptive, scalable, enterprise Data Security Platform with Atakama’s unparalleled protection capabilities for sensitive information. With the increasing prevalence of insider threats and data breaches involving sensitive data, Lepide recognized the need to expand their data security offering, beyond threat detection and response, and integrate another layer of security through multi-factor encryption. By … Read more

calendarNovember 5, 2020, user Product Update

Organizations all over the world have been adopting Microsoft Teams to help smooth the transition towards remote working. Whilst Teams has enabled organizations to streamline collaboration and sharing across departments and functions, it brings with it significant security concerns. With Lepide, you can now understand just how your users are behaving whilst they use Microsoft Teams, including when sessions are started, when new teams are created, when new channels are … Read more

calendarAugust 19, 2020, user Product Update

With the latest update of Lepide Active Directory Self Service (LADSS) 20.1, administrators can now block users that enter multiple incorrect passwords for a specified period of time; potentially preventing brute force attacks or compromised user accounts from authenticating. Administrators can specify when the user is unblocked and can also unblock a user manually to prevent unnecessary downtime and disruption. In addition to this new security feature, Lepide Active Directory … Read more

calendarAugust 5, 2020, user Announcement

Lepide and Sherpa Software are pleased to announce that they have entered into a global strategic partnership, combining Lepide’s disruptive, scalable, enterprise Data Security Platform with Sherpa’s award-winning data governance, classification, remediation and e-discovery platform. The partnership now enables Lepide to incorporate powerful and accurate content scanning and e-discovery into their suite of security solutions. Sherpa brings the ability to quickly identify, inventory, and remediate data that may pose a … Read more

calendarMay 11, 2020, user Product Update

Lepide introduced version 20.1 of the Lepide Data Security Platform, expanding and improving on their current data classification functionality. One of the most exciting new additions to the solution comes in the form of applying a monetary value to the data as it is discovered and classified. As data is classified, admins using the Lepide Data Security Platform can determine what the content of any particular file is and how … Read more