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Lepide Auditor for

The easiest, yet most comprehensive way to audit file server changes and data access, track interactions with data and detect threats.

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Thousands of companies use Lepide to audit File Server and protect their sensitive data

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File Server Auditing and Data Security Software

Lepide File Server Auditor enables you to audit when files and folders are created, accessed, modified, copied or deleted in file server. We also help organizations track and compare permissions across their file servers. Lepide's File Server auditing software addresses the challenges of the rise of the insider-threat and the data reporting requirements associated with common regulatory compliance mandates. We give IT teams the power to see more, faster.

Persistent Data Classification at the Point of Creation

Persistent discovery and data classification of files in File Server allows you to see what sensitive data you have and where data is located.

With the widest range of file types for data classification, you can scan, tag, categorize and score your data to ensure you are compliant with industry standards.

How to Use Lepide to Audit File Server Changes
for Better Data Security and Compliance

Level-Up Your
File Server Auditing

Analyze user behavior and spot anomalies in user interactions with data, including single point anomalies, to speed up threat response.

Real time alerts, threshold alerts and pre-defined reports for all your file server security and compliance requirements.

Unlike other file server auditing solutions, we allow you to audit file copy events to better understand when your users are copying files with sensitive data.

Govern Access to Data and Implement Zero Trust

Our combination of data classification and permissions analysis software enables you to determine who has access to files that contain sensitive data and see what changes they are making to them.

Our file server auditing solution can identify users with excessive permissions and enables you to reverse unwanted file server permission changes to implement a zero trust policy.

Key Features of the
Lepide File Server Auditing Software

Mobile App

Spot file sever changes on the go and implement threat response models all from our mobile app.

User Behavior Analytics

Spot anomalies in trends and user behavior with sensitive data, including single point anomalies.

Automate Threat Response

Execute threat response models when known file sever security risks are identified for faster response.

Reports and Alerts

Real time alerts and pre-defined reports for all manner of file server changes and events.

Integrate with SIEM

Get value from your SIEM deployments by forwarding Lepide events to your SIEM.

Govern Access to Data

Classify data, spot users with excessive permissions and revoke access from within the solution.

Our Success Stories

Western Connecticut Health Network

Lepide is straightforward to use and effective right off the bat. Plus, the level of patience, attentiveness and technical knowhow is far beyond most support and sales teams I’ve seen before.

Drayke Jackson Security Engineer
Edinburgh Napier University

We chose Lepide as they were able to offer us threat detection and response, and a way of separating out reporting duties to a web console – all from one platform.

Kevin Gallagher Senior Systems Administrator
City of

Lepide is a perfect fit for our IT Security and Compliance requirements. It helps us cut out a lot of wasted time and money and now we know we can be compliant with industry standards.

Agnel Dsilva Information Technology Administrator
At Lepide, we know that organizations often store vast amounts of sensitive data on their file servers, and IT teams need to know when users are accessing this data. Lepide’s File Server auditing tool audits all file read events across multiple file servers and can produce detailed file access audit reports with the click of a button. On these reports, you’ll be able to see detailed file server audit information, including who tried to read the file, what the file contained, when and where and whether the attempt was successful.
Native file server auditing software leaves a lot to be desired. No one has the time or the inclination to delve through thousands of file sever event logs and format them into a readable report. Doing this once would be a challenge, let alone on a regular basis. Lepide File Server auditing tool enables you automate your file server auditing efforts through pre-defined reports, real time alerts and behavioral analysis.
Absolutely. Changes to file server permissions can put your sensitive data at risk through unauthorized access or unwanted changes being made. Therefore, being able to effectively audit file server permission changes is critical. Lepide file server auditing tool provides real time alerts and pre-defined reports for all permission changes, as well as a view of the current and historical state of file server permissions.
File server auditing gives you the visibility you need to determine whether your sensitive data is secure or whether you are open to security threats. The critical things you need to establish are: where is my sensitive data stored? Why is data sensitive? Who has access to data? What are users doing with data? Knowing the answers to these key file server auditing questions will enable you to better determine the state of your file server security.
There are many ways that file server auditing will help you to keep your sensitive data secure from threats. The Lepide File Server auditor enables you to spot when users become threats through advanced user behavior analytics, threshold alerting and anomaly spotting. We have also included pre-defined threat model templates for a number of known file server security vulnerabilities, such as ransomware, insider threats, compromised users, privilege abuse and more.
We have hundreds of pre-defined audit reports for file server included in the Data Security Platform, including but not limited to; all modifications, file copies, read successful, read failed, file and folder created, file and folder created failed, file and folder deleted, file and folder renamed, file and folder moved, permissions reports and more. Simplify and enhance your file server auditing with our pre-defined file server audit reports.
In our file sever auditing software, there is an in-built data classification engine with pre-defined rules and templates that you can enable right out of the box. During data classification, if a recognized pattern is found in the file, Lepide tags and classifies the data. The file will then be indexed for reporting and searching. Our data classification can be run periodically across all data in file server, or continually as new data is created in file server.