SQL Server Auditing

It’s fair to say data is more important today than ever before and at the heart of many organizations the database of choice is SQL server. The implications of a SQL server issue can be catastrophic – whether its downtime, data leakage or just a simple administrator error. We think it’s important organizations are prepared for when this happens. The issue, as we see it, is the out of the box features the auditing tools provides are somewhat reactive and limited. This is why we created LepideAuditor for SQL Server. It provides a simple means of seeing who, what, where and when changes are made to your SQL servers and automatically sends you real time alerts and detailed reports when needed. It even helps you keep track of the overall health of your SQL Servers. The easiest, yet most comprehensive way of auditing SQL servers, LepideAuditor for SQL server is available either standalone or as a part of our award winning LepideAuditor.

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SQL Server Modifications Report

We provide advanced reports to help you keep track of critical changes to your SQL Server

Over the years we’ve listened carefully to our customers and have created a library of the most common requirements surrounding SQL server auditing which now forms the basis of our report library. These include reports to show login changes, top users, active databases, changes to objects, changes to tables, replication, roles and jobs to name but a few. And if you really can’t find the report you need – simply build your own custom report and save it for future use. As with all of our reports – our whole approach is to show you a single log, for a single change… detailing the who, what, where, when and where from information.

SQL Server Dashboard

We help you keep track of SQL server activity trends

Keeping track of ad hoc changes is valuable without a doubt, but it’s critical you keep track of trends. Using our trend analyzer we can help you spot potential security issues or administrator errors by showing you trend details. You can specify these by user or by resource as needed. We’ll show you who’s making the most changes, trends of changes by type and more.

An SQL Server Alert

We offer single or threshold based alerting delivered to the console or your inbox

You can get notifications in real time delivered to the console or to an email address. These reports can be based on a single event or threshold conditions based on time and event.

All Database Object Modification Reports for SQL Server

We show where changes came from to give you context

Naturally, you want to know if things change across your SQL Servers. But the real value comes from the context. We think it’s important to show you what it was changed from. This enables the solution to help IT teams improve security, streamline systems management and meet regulatory compliance challenges.

Our SQL Server health check feature

We keep track of the health of your SQL Server

Our Lepide SQL Server HealthCheck solution is an integrated feature which provides a simple and powerful means of keeping track of important elements of your SQL server to ensure continuity and health. It provides continuous monitoring and real time alerting keeping track of services, CPU usage, connections, error rates, usage and much more.
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Our SQL Modification Feed on the LepideAuditor App

We make it easy for IT teams to keep track of changes on mobile devices

SQL Server changes can be monitored on the go with our Mobile App. It provides a live feed of all IT changes as they happen straight to any Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad or any Android phone or tablet. Download it from here.
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SQL Server audit delegation

We make SQL server audit delegation more secure

While you may want certain users to see certain SQL audit reports it’s quite likely you won’t want everyone to have full access to the console. We offer a secure web based console in which IT teams can grant access to only specific reports to be accessed. We also think it’s important given the sensitivity of the audit data we also allow the encryption of the data while at rest.

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