Good Security Starts with Insight

At Lepide, we believe all organizations should have a proactive and continuous means knowing how their most privileged users are interacting with their critical systems and data. Knowing this is critical to ensuring a secure IT environment, streamlining operations and meeting compliance. Whether you’re trying to address data leakage, privilege abuse, insider threats or compliance – we’re here to help. LepideAuditor, our simple to use, realistically priced solution gives you the visibility you need, where you need it most.

Helps Meet Compliance

Hundreds of pre-defined reports for compliance regulations

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Improves Data Access Governance

Discover, tag, classify, generate alerts and run reports on your sensitive data

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Helps Prevent Data Breaches

Get the visibility you need into how your users are interacting with your sensitive data

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Addresses Insider Threats

Identify potential rogue admins or malicious insiders in your IT environment

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Stops Privilege Abuse

Get granular detail on who has permissions to what and when they change

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Prevents Ransomware Spread

Automate your reaction to possible ransomware threats in your File Server

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LepideAuditor 18.4 – Better Data Access Governance and G Suite Auditing

The brand-new Access Governance Insights dashboard helps users improve their Data Access Governance and LepideAuditor now audits G Suite. Learn More »
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