FAQs - Lepide Active Directory Self Service

Lepide Active Directory Self Service reduces the number of critical helpdesk tickets that often hamper the workflow of an enterprise. The application enables helpdesk staff to concentrate on other issues which can utilize their skills. Moreover, this web-based application is affordable and offers high ROI.

25-30% helpdesk calls are related to password reset and account lockout issues. If the domain users are empowered to deal with these issues themselves, a lot of time and money will be saved. Moreover, it reduces the possibility of downtime and makes employees more productive.

  • Optimization ability - With its ability to optimize question and answers by configuring minimum and maximum number of questions and characters in a question or answer, the application is highly customizable. Administrator can configure number of selectable and user-defined questions too.
  • Easy to install and use - With an absolutely simple user interface, Lepide Active Directory Self Service is simple to configure for administrators and easy to use for domain users.
  • Cost-effective with higher ROI- Being a web-based application the software is priced quite affordable for all sizes of organizations. Moreover, the return on investment is high as the Helpdesk costs are reduced.
The trial version can be upgraded to the licensed version without any loss in your registration data. Upgrade instructions will be provided when you purchase the license.
Yes the trial version of Lepide Active Directory Self Service is fully functional and works similar to the full version.
Yes, the software interface offers stringent identity verification questionnaire while enrolling for the application, which acts as a shield to guard personal user information. Later on, whenever the users need to update personal information, they can utilize their log-on credentials and update their personal details.