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The average cost of a helpdesk call today is around $30 (£20) and IT is under increasing scrutiny to justify their contribution to the bottom line. So it is essential that IT automates those tasks that take time without adding value to the business. That’s why we built Lepide Active Directory Self Service, to create a simple web based solution to allow IT teams to delegate tasks such as password reset and account unlock. This solution also provides the ability to authorize co-workers to perform these tasks without having to call IT. Ultimately this solution makes it easier for the user, easier for the administrator and easier for the whole organization to handle the task of updating the Active Directory.

Delegate password resets and AD updates to users

We give IT teams the power to delegate Active Directory update and password reset to the users

Using our simple web based interface, IT teams can transfer control of tasks such as password resets, personal information updates and account lockout tasks to the end users. It also allows end users to authorize co-workers to reset passwords and perform account unlocks on their behalf. This takes the onus off IT to manually handle such tasks. This solution ultimately gives valuable time back to the IT department and increases employee productivity through less downtime and more account control.
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Unlock accounts via GINA/CP or any web enabled device

We provide the ability for users to unlock accounts either via GINA/CP or any web enabled device

Our solution fully integrates with GINA/CP so users can reset their passwords even when they are locked out. Users simply press Ctrl + Alt + Delete as they normally would and are met with a series of questions and answers, (or use a OTP) to regain access. Our Gina integration can be deployed either through a bulk script via GPO, through local, direct installation or via an agent that can be automatically deployed from within the main console. Need more info? Read more

Intuitive and powerful dashboard

We provide an intuitive and powerful dashboard to provide a bird’s eye view of activity

Our web based dashboard helps you spot specific trends such as account lockouts, password resets, enrolment data, users not enrolled, overall activity over last seven days and user status. It’s an easy and visual way to keep tabs on your Active Directory identity management to help spot potential abuse or issues.

Remind users when their passwords are due to expire

We’ll remind your users when their passwords are due to expire

Half the battle of the IT team when it comes to identity management is keeping track of user password expiry. To address this, we provide a User Password Expiration Reminder solution, which is an integrated part of our Active Directory self-service solution but also available standalone or as a part of our award winning AuditorSuite. It simply sends automated notification reminders to users when their passwords are due to expire.

Lock down what the user can or can't view/modify

We’ve designed this with security in mind

We understand that allowing users to access and update their information in your Active Directory carries an element of risk. To address this, we provide the ability to lock down what the user can and can’t view and modify. We ensure they can only update the fields you specify. You can predefine within the solution whether the user has no access, read only or full control across any of the following Active Directory Attributes – general, contact and address. This solution also enables you to integrate your SSL certificate to ensure the entire process is secure and encrypted. It automatically redirects from HTTP to HTTPS when SSL security is enabled. We also provide session expiry to ensure only relevant, current requests are considered.

OTP SMS or challenge/response authentication

We provide authentication through either OTP SMS or challenge/response

To help maintain identity integrity and identity management, we provide a few different methods of authentication. As you’d expect, we provide the challenge response method where the admin can specify the number of pre-set questions and the number of characters in questions/answers to ensure maximum security. We also offer strong authentication through OTP (one time password) method where the user is authenticated by an SMS or email verification process. Administrators can easily define how they wish their users to authenticate through the main console.
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Specify a period of time before automatically unlocking locked accounts

We provide the ability to specify account unlock periods

As an administrator you may want to specify a policy which automatically unlocks all locked accounts at a particular point in time or on a specific schedule. Our solution provides this capability which is easily configurable through the intuitive management console.

Bulk enrolment through CSV file

We provide bulk enrolment

When you first deploy this solution it’s likely you will want to go through a process of bulk enrolment. To achieve this, you will need to get all the relevant enrolment details into a CSV file with the challenge response information to import into the solution. From there we will automatically update and notify all the users of their enrolment along with instructions for use.

Audit and enrolment reports sent straight to any inbox

We provide comprehensive audit and enrolment reports straight to your inbox

Rather than having to constantly check the console to make sure your users are behaving as they should, we deliver regular reports straight to your inbox.

These reports will show you details such as enrolment, self-service actions performed by users, password expiry and lockout details.
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End users can authorize co-workers to perform self-service activities

We enable end users to authorize co-workers and perform self-service activities

Aside from allowing end users to perform self-service activities and update their Active Directory details, we also allow them to delegate certain tasks to other authorized employees through our ‘Authorize co-worker’ feature. This allows the end user to specify account unlock and password reset tasks to others within the business. Users will also receive a notification whenever a password reset or account unlock task is executed.
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Users can reset their 3rd party application account passwords

We allow users to reset their 3rd party application account passwords

Lepide Active Directory Self Service not only allows end users to reset their AD account passwords, but also enables the synchronization of third party applications and resetting those particular passwords from the tool itself. Password synchronization is currently available for Office 365, IBM AS400 and Google Apps. Once administrators configure the account settings for these applications, users can reset their Office 365, IBM and/or Google Apps passwords by simply resetting their AD account password.

Lepide Active Directory Self Service is an effective solution to automate user account unlock and password reset activities. It is a must have tool to simplify Active Directory self-service management.

Vinicius Mozart

I am really impressed with Active Directory Self Service from Lepide. Before review I thought that it’s another Self Service Solution which is complicated to use, requires installation manual and is very expensive.

Erik Blum

The tool is very user friendly and easy to implement for the IT staff. Organizations with a high number of helpdesk tickets opened for password reset and account locked issues will take a big benefit with this solution.

Paolo Valsecchi

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