Why should you become a partner of Lepide?

A simple program that feeds, rewards and protects our most valued partners

8 Reasons to sign up to become a Lepide Partner today!

  • 1 We PROTECT – If you bring us a deal and it’s not already being worked on we will protect you completely
  • 3 We FEED – we offer a simple but effective lead exchange program to help feed our most valued partners
  • 5 We RESPOND - we understand how important speed is when trying to win business
  • 7 We LISTEN – Our channel grows through feedback and mutual understanding. We listen to our channel
  • 2 We REWARD – we’re committed to making sure our partners retain excellent margins
  • 4 We SUPPORT – we offer 24x7 support to help you deliver the best service to your customers
  • 6 We’re FLEXIBLE – need additional pricing support to help you win a deal? Always keen to help!
  • 8 We keep it SIMPLE - we won’t tie you up in knots with complex licensing or unnecessary rules or processes

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