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Office 365’s Advanced Threat Protection (APT) may be a useful way to improve the security of the platform, but it is not without its flaws. Security researchers discovered back in 2018 that Office 365 APT had some fundamental flaws when it came to defending against a new wave of phishing attacks. It seems as though SharePoint invitations containing malicious links were being sent out to some users, leading to malware … Read more

Walking around the floor of InfoSecurity Europe 2019, one key phrase was being repeated again and again; data-centric security. Increasingly, the way that vendors are helping IT teams to increase their security is through visibility into what is happening with their data. There is always a buzzword or a key phrase that vendors adopt en masse in events like these. Last year, predictably, that buzzword was GDPR. This year, it’s … Read more

A recent study carried out by VMware and Dell EMC, has confirmed that UK universities are struggling to keep their sensitive data safe. The study, which was conducted between November and December 2018, included 75 senior IT leaders at 68 universities. 49% of universities said that a cyber-attack is attempted on their institution daily or more than once a week, with 49% stating that their overall security practices need to … Read more

The Legal Sector handles sensitive client data on a daily basis, and many have an international reach. This makes them a hot target for hackers and malicious insiders as well as being bound by more than likely multiple compliance requirements. In the last few years a quarter of law firms have reported being a victim of a cyber-attack of some sort, and that is only predicted to rise! With cybercrime … Read more

Organizations across the globe are under increasing pressure to protect their sensitive data and remain compliant with the relevant data protection regulations. Yet, protecting sensitive data becomes even more of a challenge when you’re storing large amounts of unstructured data on cloud platforms, mobile and IoT devices. The problem is compounded by a general shortage of IT security professionals. According to a recently survey by Ncipher, almost half (48%) of … Read more

Those who assumed that the introduction of new compliance regulations and the rising awareness of cybersecurity threats would cause data breaches to decline in 2019 were unfortunately mistaken. In the first quarter of 2019 alone, there were 281 reported data breaches with over 4.5 billion records exposed. Cybercriminals are often much faster at adopting new technology for attacks than organizations are at adopting detection and preventative technology. New automation and … Read more

SharePoint is an increasingly popular platform due to its powerful collaborative capabilities. Many organizations use SharePoint to store, organize, share and access information from any device. Because of its collaborative capabilities, SharePoint faces different security concerns than other platforms. Maintaining SharePoint security must be a collaborative effort between the IT team and the end users – which can often be very difficult to achieve. Here are five useful tips to … Read more

We’ve said it many times before, but it is worth emphasising; organizations need to be doing more about securing their data from the inside-out. Currently, as has been the case for numerous years, organizations are spending too much on perimeter security (which is, of course, important) and forgetting to focus on the thing that matters the most, the data itself. We speak to many organizations that have very strong perimeter … Read more

In simple terms, a Data Security Platform (DSP) is a type of data security solution that aims to combine a suite of traditionally siloed security tools. Most Data Security Platforms will combine functionality designed to locate and protect data on-premises and in the cloud. The most popular functionality included in DSPs include data discovery and classification, privileges/permissions analytics, user/entity behavior analytics, compliance reporting and environment change auditing. All of this … Read more

Every admin worth his or her salt knows all about how to set up network file sharing in their Windows environment. The process is a fairly simple one and hasn’t really changed since Windows 2003. The difficulty comes when admins are asked to amend permissions to folders on a daily basis. If admins are being asked to assign permissions to folders continuously, there may be a tendency at some point … Read more