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Now I’m a big fan of Simon Sinek as anyone who’s ever worked with me will testify. So one of the biggest things we’re doing here at Lepide is making sure we communicate from the inside out.. namely, making everyone both inside and outside of our business truly understand why we do what we do – our cause if you will…. So, here it is… here’s why we do it … Read more

There’s certain phrases that are guaranteed to strike fear in hearts of IT admins everywhere. They are all too familiar and they invariably mean wasted time, more stress or late evenings at work. Here’s our top 10 spinetingling things for IT admins to hear: “I’d just got a coffee, put it next to my keyboard and somehow…..” “I know you’re busy but could I just get you to have a … Read more

They hound you day after day, they try every trick in the book to get you on the phone and if one of these poor souls are lucky enough to get through they talk AT you like you care what they say. IT sales people more often than not are not a welcome interruption for the IT Manager. On average an IT Manager will get 12-14 calls a day from … Read more

Lepide Software doesn’t need any introduction today. Its world-class products are being used by the thousands of users around the globe. We are currently participating in the 2013 Windows IT Pro Community Choice Awards. Our following products have been nominated in the relevant categories. Now, it’s your turn to show your likeliness by voting for our products in this contest. Let us have a look on our nominated products. Category … Read more

Administrators generally face problems in collecting correct last logon time of users in the domain. Almost all administrators have this requirement to see the actual last logon timing of users that logon to the domain server. To serve the purpose, there are a few effective tools but the Lepide last logon tool is the best utility. By using this tool, administrator can easily get information on last logon time of … Read more

As per leading analysts, many CIOs believe that around 20% of all installed desktop software is not used, often becoming “shelf ware.” This is because we often spend more than we use or need. Better management strategies provide better results with optimum usage at sustained expenses.

The issue of software compliance has forever been on the minds of IT managers and the concern has only escalated in the recent years. Reason being increased audit activities, complex licensing rules and stringent litigations by organizations such as the BSA and SIIA. As vendor audits from Microsoft, SAP, Adobe, Oracle, etc. have become common, organizations-big or small- are making efforts to get compliant in every respect to avoid legal … Read more

  Afar from the day-to-day tasks that most of the organizations perform to provide IT services efficiently, there is a constant requirement to govern different processes and supervise the results of IT operations within an organization. Today, various security risks, litigation risks for software non-compliance, and some of the most essential government mandates has made it imperative for organizations to recognize and track what is happening in their computing environment. … Read more

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