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Thread: Lepide Event Log Manager 12.10.01 special features

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    Lepide Event Log Manager 12.10.01 special features

    Network administrators often find it difficult to collect event logs effectively and therefore to attain
    seamless network administrators, meet international compliance standards and network security
    standards. Lepide Event Log Manager is an ideal solution for those who are looking forward to ensure
    the following:
    [LIST][*] Centralized and hassle-free network auditing[*] Adherence to international network security and compliance standards such as HIPAA, SOX,
    GLBA, and PCI compliance standards[*] Instant troubleshooting for system performance issues[/LIST]
    Organizations and system administrators will find Lepide Event Log Manager as a reliable and
    proficient tool to help them collect and manage Windows and W3C events impeccably. Here are some of
    the advantages that an organization can be benefited from while using Lepide Event Log Manager :
    [LIST][*]Eradication of system performance and security issues[*]Real time event monitoring via alert creation[*]Systematic recording of Windows and W3C events over the entire network[*]Easy event log analysis through log filtration and generated reports[*]Tailor-made event collection and processing[/LIST]
    You can download Lepide Event Log Manager version 12.10.01 [COLOR="#FF0000"]click here[/COLOR]
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