Lepide SQL Storage Manager is a comprehensive tool to analyze performance and storage structure of
SQL server. It allows administrators to observe space and performance of all or individual Instances,
Databases and Objects and send alerts on capacity, performance and storage space issues to ensure
optimal server performance and efficient storage usage.

It provides a very user-friendly alternative in the form of an intuitive interface to support a number of SQL storage management tasks. It offers additional features such as job scheduling, alerts on critical issues and forecasting
that makes it a complete SQL storage management solution.

Some of the major applications of software are:
[LIST][*]Dashboard Reports[*]Defrag Database[*]Disk Space Requirement Forecasting[*]Manage Partitions[*]Real Time Alerts[*]Reorganize Heaps and Indexes[*]Schedule Jobs[*]Shrink Database[*]Sliding Window Scenario[/LIST]
Lepide SQL Storage Manager is a complete SQL storage management solution that helps DBAs to get most out of
their SQL server environment.

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Lepide Team