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Thread: File server auditor tool

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    File server auditor tool


    I just want to know how many times a file is accessed in file services
    and from which user it has been accessed

    how its possible?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Sachin,

    Thanks for the post. Yes, you can get the details you have asked for. You can create the setting for the same and can even create a query and can get the alerts for the same. Moreover, you can create a custom report for the same setting and can check both:

    1). File accessed by any user
    2). File accessed by a user.
    3). What all file accessed by a user and much more.

    Download the product adn get a trial license from us for several days to test the product for free.

    Later you can purchase the product if you think it suits your requirements.

    Anil K.

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    Thanks for your prompt response ..will try it and let you know the feedback soon

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