After you add your File Server for Change Auditing purposes, you need to add an SQL server to store the data. After you add the file Server, you will see a wizard to add SQL server and configure it. The screenshot below shows the same.

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The server name can be obtained by selecting the search/Browse server button. If your SQL server is in the connection with the machine you are using the product, then it should come in the list else, you can even enter the name manually in case it doesn't appear in the list. For adding the SQL server manually, follow the below mentioned steps:

1). Open the SQL Management Studio", click "Connect" and select "Database Engine"

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2). Now Select the Server name dropdown menu and select the option "Browse for more" and click "Connect" as per the screenshot below:

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3). Now if your server is a local server, then select the option Local Server and type the same name as appears here, in the space provided for the server name in the product. Refer to the server name as underlined in the screenshot below:

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4). For any other server in the network, select the "Network Server" option below and check the server name in the list. Type the same name as it appears in the list to the space for SQL server name in the product. Refer to the underlined SQL server name in the screenshot below:

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Even if you face any difficulty in connecting your SQL server, then check the connection manually.

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