Details for the Active Directory Users 1898
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Thread: Details for the Active Directory Users

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    Details for the Active Directory Users


    In search of a methodthrough which I can query the active directory objects saved by the user. I want to know the attributes like the first name, last name for each user. Please tell me that how it could be done.

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    Hi Shawn,

    Thanks for posting your query on Lepide forums. I would like to tell you that we have a free tool named Lepide Active Directory Query which easily performs the tasks like:

    1) Performs querying of the active directory attributes and saves the format in a proper CSV file.

    2) Has the ability to tell the attributes like the first name, middle and last name and many other items also for each user present in the active directory. You can further customize these on the basis of your interest as to what extra attributes you want to add or remove by clicking on the Advanced button.

    3) To know all these things you just have to enter the domain user name and password and then enter your respective query and to know more go to

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