File sharing through remote access 1902
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Thread: File sharing through remote access

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    Jan 2013

    File sharing through remote access


    I want to share a file through remotely access the computer in a network
    It is feasible with Lepide Remote Admin ?
    Thanks in advance !

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    Hi Rodriguez

    File Sharing facility is available in Lepide Remote Admin

    use it freely



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    What else in Lepide Remote Admin except that file sharing & remotely accessing ?

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    Major Features od Lepide remote Admin

    1. Enterprise Desktop Administering
    2. Desktop Remote Control
    3. High Speed Data Transfer
    4. Email Notification
    5. Perform remote administration conveniently with intuitive interface and high security features of this PC remote control bypassing complex and limited features of Windows Remote Desktop connection

    For more detail visit product homepage from here


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    Jan 2013
    Its seems promising tool
    will go for it and let u know the feedback
    thanks for giving such info
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    Glad to help !

    Keep updating us

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    Lepide Remote Admin is rather handy for this purpose. I'm using it without any hassles.
    Last edited by bobch; 12-17-2013 at 08:14 AM.

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