How we can check if any security breach ? 1912
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Thread: How we can check if any security breach ?

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    How we can check if any security breach ?

    Hi Lepide

    How we can check if any security breach happens with in a network & what report should we need to view for the same
    also how can I get real time notification for that security breach ?

    Thanks in advance

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    To view the reports for any network breach go to the Account Usage & Object Access reports in Report tab of the software .

    Creating a new Alert with Lepide Event Log Manager is quite simple.
    Alerts can be easily created by following these steps:
    [LIST][*]Click Create New Alert under Tasks section of the Alerts tab. Create Alert wizard opens up. [*]Specify Alert Name and Alert Description in the given fields[*]Select Computers page opens up. Select the computers for which you want to generate the report.[*]In the next page, select event log for which you want to create the Alert. After that, you need to add Alert Query Fields. Click Add Field button to add query. Refer View Custom Reports under Instant Reports section for more detail on this.[*]Next, click on Select Mail Server button, you can choose a new mail server to send the report or use the existing settings of software. Specify the recipient’s E-Mail Id.[*]Next, provide an Alert message that will be sent with the E-mail. Click Finish to complete the process[/LIST]
    Once the Alert has been created you can view it under All Alerts section in the Alerts tab.

    In this way you can monitor any critical event happening in your network

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    Thanks for you response and explanation

    It seems Lepide Event log manager able to do such task if any security breach happens.
    Is the tool monitor through out the LAN network from a centralized location ?

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    Hi Balake

    sorry for the late reply

    Lepide Event Log Manager Collect and archive Windows as well as W3C event logs from all Windows systems of the network in a centralized database to support specific auditing, long term reporting for Compliance and efficient log management for the entire network.

    You can install it on server or your work station as well to monitor network wide event log.

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