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Thread: Major Reports in Exchange Auditors

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    Major Reports in Exchange Auditors

    I need to monitor users mailboxes so i want to know what are major reports in LepideAuditor for Exchange Server ?

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    All the reports of LAES:
    All MSExchange Reports
    Mailbox Changes
    1. Recently Created Mailboxes
    2. Recently Moved Mailboxes
    3. Recently Deleted Mailboxes
    All Modified Reports
    1. Recently Modified Mailboxes
    2. Modified Delivery Options
    3. Modified Message Size Restrictions
    Modified Message Delivery Restrictions
    Modified Storage Quota
    Expiry Date of User Mailbox Modified
    Policy Changes
    1. Recently Created Policies
    2. Recently Modified Policies
    3. Recently Deleted Policies
    Mail Contacts Changes
    1. Recently Created Mail Contacts
    2. Recently Modified Mail Contacts
    3. Recently Deleted Mail Contacts
    Address Book Changes
    1. Recently Created Address Book
    2. Recently Modified Address Book
    3. Recently Deleted Address Book
    Address List Changes
    1. Recently Created Address Lists
    2. Recently Modified Address Lists
    3. Recently Deleted Address Lists
    Group Changes
    1. Recently Created Groups
    2. Recently Modified Groups
    3. Recently Deleted Groups
    Storage Group Changes
    1. Recently Created Storage Group
    2. Recently Modified Storage Group
    3. Recently Deleted Storage Group
    Recipient Update Service Changes
    1. Recently Created Recipient Update Service Change
    2. Recently Modified Recipient Update Service Change
    3. Recently Deleted Recipient Update Service Change
    Mailbox Database Changes
    1. Recently Created Mailbox Database
    2. Recently Modified Mailbox Database
    3. Recently Deleted Mailbox Database
    Accepted Domain Changes
    1. Recently Created Accepted Domains
    2. Recently Modified Accepted Domains
    3. Recently Deleted Accepted Domains

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