Lepide Software has launched the new version 14.06.01 of LepideAuditor for Active Directory (LAAD). The updated version of the software is now more efficient and available with various new as well as enhanced features and functionalities. Software now performs real time auditing thus, eliminates the need of collecting changes manually.

Options to configure auditing at the time of adding domain, audit only required DCs and OUs and restore tombstone objects have also been added in this version. Software now also brings in some new reports for successful user logon/logoff, infrastructure, container, printer, admin group, security group, distribution group, OU rename, active directory object security modifications. Moreover, custom reports can also be created as per the requirement. For easy and simplified depiction of changes? information, software now provides Grid view, Chart view and Calendar view. LAAD, with these enhancements and GUI enrichment is now ready to provide a more simplified and powerful means of auditing Active Directory changes.