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Thread: Not getting reports...

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    Not getting reports...

    I am having trouble with our file auditor server. We have one central server recording events for three file servers. When the management server is rebooted no changes are recorded during this time.

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    Hi Roland

    Thanks for posting your query here.

    We would like to tell you that when the SQL server is down (not running), it will not collect any record during this period. However, if the down time for SQL server is known
    and fixed then you need to follow the steps mentioned below to get the records:

    1. When SQL server is down, then you can shutdown the machine where the software is installed.
    2. When SQL server get back to its working condition then turn on the machine where the software is installed.

    After this it will show the records during the period of SQL Server reboot.

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    Hi All, would like to tell you that we are working on this & this feature would be available in our next software release is Thanks
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