I am getting message ?could not connect? while opening web console. 5428 https://lepide.com
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Thread: I am getting message ?could not connect? while opening web console.

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    Unhappy I am getting message ?could not connect? while opening web console.

    I am getting message Could not connect while opening web console. Please help me out on this.
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    Hello Stephan,

    Thanks for your query. I will definitely assist you over this.

    It is recommended to download the latest version of the product(16.2 of auditor suite). We recently fixed an issue of web-console wherein minimum rights required was “ domain admin” with previous versions. (which is not the case now with 16.2)

    Install the latest version of the product. Now check if this is working after configuration of delegate access in the solution.

    If this doesn’t work then:-

    Configure inbound/outbound rules for the firewall in the system which you wish to use a web console server and installed web console setup .


    Open firewall in windows.(go to run and type-> firewall.cpl)

    Now click on Advanced settings -> It will open Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

    Then click on Inbound Rules -> After that over right side panel, click on New Rule
    Now it will show you New Inbound Rule wizard.


    A. Then select Rule Type as Port

    B. Click next, on Protocol and Ports wizard, select TCP Protocol setting.
    Select Specific local ports as per port settings which is used by lepide web console while configuring the same on Port setting (We generally use 7778 for this).

    C. Click next, on Action wizard, select Allow the connection

    D. Click next and on Profile wizard, select all options Domain , Private and Public

    E. Click next, on Name wizard provide Name and Description for Inbound rule like provide Name as Lepide web console Inbound Rule and copy same on description.

    Click Finish to create and save Inbound Rule.

    Please follow same steps for Outbound Rule creation.

    Now check whether web console is connecting an opening or not .
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