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Thread: What are the steps for taking backup of settings ?

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    What are the steps for taking backup of settings ?

    Please follow the below steps to take backup of settings as well as uninstall the software:-

    1.Just click on Exit Tray to exit the Lepide Active Directory Self Service Portal...

    2.Click on yes to exit from the system Tray...

    3.Go to Control Panel > (Uninstall the software) and it will ask for taking a Backup, simply click on yes..

    4.Click on Yes to completely remove the software and its component.

    5.Note:- Click on ?Yes? to proceed further with all the current settings of Backup.
    Do not click on ?No? if you select ?No? then it will delete all the current changes you made till now.

    Another Option you can follow for taking a Backup?..

    Go To Configuration> Backup/ Restore Database > Click on Backup Option to take backup of the current settings...

    This way you can restore the previous settings if you have taken the backup of your settings.

    Feel free to contact us if you have any queries related to the backup and restore option.
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