Roots in Recovery

Lepide came to life in 2005, though at that point we were known as Kernel Data Recovery. As with any business, we started because we saw a problem that needed fixing - that problem was data recovery. As we grew, we saw the market evolve, and identified a worrying trend amongst many mid-market organizations. Namely, that there was a severe lack of visibility into changes taking place in business-critical servers and sensitive data. So, we thought we’d better address this problem.

About That Name…

With this new change of direction, we took to using the Lepide name as our brand. You may be asking yourself, what on earth does Lepide mean? Well, it actually stems from the Latin word for “pleasant”. We wanted a name that was both unique and represented what it was like to be a part of our family. To tell you the truth, we’re still not sure how to pronounce it, but it’s certainly a talking point!

A Company Reborn

Backed by a shiny new logo, with a new mission, Lepide set itself upon the auditing and monitoring market; aiming to provide organizations with the ability to increase security, streamline IT operations and meet compliance demands. Most of our sales staff are located out in Austin, Texas – a bustling hub of tech companies often referred to as the second Silicon Valley. From here, we interact with customers all over the globe (when we’re not enjoying the weather on the rooftop balcony with a beer) and are continually looking to grow and foster talent.

A Touch of British Charm

Many of our senior members of staff, including our C.E.O, are based in our London office – giving them the ability to effectively manage the rest of the global offices from a central location. Our quirky, open-plan office is the perfect environment to foster co-operation (whether that takes the form of sharing ideas or sharing jokes depends on the mood that day). Whilst there is a lot of friendly competition between the London and the US office, they are united by their shared commitment to the cause.

Where the Magic Happens

To this day, most of the research and development that helps to continually improve LepideAuditor and provide real value to our customers comes out of New Delhi, India. The impressive office that stands in this bustling city means that Lepide is spread over three continents and seven time zones. With over 100 employees in this office alone, Lepide can truly be considered a global powerhouse.