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Data Access Governance

Improve your Data Access Governance (DAG) program with instant visibility over the changes taking place to your critical data and the surrounding systems.


Track Access Rights and Implement Zero Trust

With Lepide, you have a complete solution that enables you to discover, tag and classify your data, get detailed analysis and alerts on user behavior and ensure access rights by analyzing permissions to your unstructured data. For a complete Data Access Governance strategy, deploying Lepide Data Security Platform into your environment is a must.

Discover and Classify

Determine where your sensitive data is and why it is sensitive. Tag, classify and score that data based on the content.

Monitor Access Rights

Find out who has access to your data and how it was granted, so that you can ensure proper data access governance.

User Behavior Analytics

Find out what your users are doing with your data and whether the changes they are making are affecting your security.

Spot Anomalies

Get instant notifications when users are making changes they have never made before, including single point anomalies.

Detailed Reporting

Hundreds of pre-set reports related specifically to security and data access governance challenges.

Real Time Alerting

Get alerts delivered straight to your inbox or mobile when potentially harmful changes are being made.

Ensure Effective Data Access Governance

Lepide Data Security Platform’s intuitive Access Governance Insights dashboard enables you to get instant insight into the changes surrounding your critical data. From a single location you will be able to see up to date information regarding the number of file/folder interactions, permission changes, failed logon attempts, stale users and more.

  • Get a Summary of Daily User Activities With the interactive tiles you get a consolidated view of daily activity of interactions and user behavior around your most sensitive data. As well as this you can also see privilege changes such as Security Group modifications, Mailbox Permission Changes and file/folder permission changes. Easily drill down into the tile to uncover full, detailed reporting on the individual interactions and privilege modifications.
  • Critical Alerts Displayed As They HappenOur dashboards are updated in real time, summarizing risk as and when it actually happens. This means you have the ability to configure contextual alerts based upon what poses the biggest threat around your data and the critical systems governing access to the data. You can receive these alerts directly into the LiveFeed to react immediately as and when a new threat is detected. All the alerts can be colour coded based upon criticality so visually, you are able to easily identify which alerts are high priority.
  • See an Overview of Failed AccessWith visual representations of both failed logons and failed access attempts to your systems and data you are able to quickly determine whether users are trying to access data that they do not have the privileges to. Failed logons and access attempts could indicate that there is a potential security breach or brute force attack somewhere on the network. With both graphs being completely interactive, you can further analyze by drilling into a specific point in time to get to the finer details around these potential security threats.
  • Group Sensitive Data By TypeIn this interactive summary we are able to get a holistic view of the total number of files that contain your most sensitive data. Based upon how you have tagged and classified your data you will have an accurate representation of how many sensitive files reside throughout your unstructured data on your Windows File Servers. From this view, you have the ability to directly drill into a report detailing the exact location of the sensitive files and apply appropriate security measures around our most valuable asset of any business being the data itself.
  • Detailed Reporting on Stale UsersInactive user identities pose a real threat to any organisation if they are not being monitored or managed correctly. These inactive accounts could be targeted by attackers or malicious insiders to perform administrative tasks or even steal data going undetected as legitimately authenticated users to the network. In this overview you can get a realistic representation of risk around your stale users and click to view a detailed report around the inactive accounts. Within Lepide Data Security Platform you can also automate actions around processing the accounts such as resetting the password, disabling, archiving or even automatically deleting the accounts after a set period of inactivity.

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How Lepide Data Security Platform Helps Improve Data Access Governance
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