Collects data from critical on-premises and cloud resources

On-premise platforms
Cloud platforms

Lepide collects and adds context to the raw audit information

Identify and classify dataIdentify and classify data based on content and associated risk
Identify permissionsIdentify permissions, structures, users, groups and relationships
Collect key audit informationCollect key audit information into a single, easy-to-read pane of glass

Visualize your security from our Platform

Permissions - icon Permissions

Easily visualize the structure of your Active Directory and spot any changes to configurations or permission that may lead to unwanted access to sensitive data.

Security States - icon Security States

Spot open shares, stale data, inactive users, and other security states that increase your active threat surface area, so that you can take immediate action to reduce risk.

Sensitive Data - icon Sensitive Data

Focus your security and compliance efforts by identifying where your most sensitive data is, what it is and how much of it you have. Reduce false positives with proximity scanning.

Information-rich reporting for security audits, compliance and easier IT management

Audit reports

Machine learning anomaly detection

Machine learning anomaly detection for user behavior

Identify users with excessive permissions

Identify users with excessive permissions and revoke access

alerts for real time detection

Threat models and alerts for real time detection of threats

Protect data and detect threat with advanced security analytics

Speed up your threat detection and response

Pre-defined threat modelsPre-defined threat models capture a suspicious event or event chain
A real time alertA real time alert is sent out to the admin by email or mobile
An automated responseAn automated response is executed to contain the threat

Want to see it in action?

Take a virtual tour of the Lepide Data Security Platform in our web-based demo. See how Lepide aligns with your use case, whether it be ransomware, Active Directory security, Microsoft 365 security, data protection, data access governance or more.

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The Lepide Data Security Platform is incredibly lightweight. It is a single Windows application that uses SQL to store all of its collected log data and information. There are full scalability options to support even the largest enterprise deployment.
We only use agents where absolutely necessary, mainly to remove gaps in an audit trail that are quite often found in native log sources. Depending on the data sources and systems you want to monitor will determine whether or not you require an agent. For example, for Active Directory, an agent is not required. For Windows File Servers an agent is required but this is purely because native auditing lacks critical information such as when files are copied.
No, admin credentials are not required for the Lepide Data Security Platform. Being a security platform, the solution operates on a least privilege model ensuring our service accounts only require the necessary privileges to operate optimally.
All of the pre-requisites to install and configure the solution, as well as the supported servers for auditing can be found in this guide
Our documentation center contains useful guides to help you set up and use the solution for a number of different use cases. You can access them all on this page