Modelled on a proven framework, our Data Security Platform uses tried and tested techniques to help you protect sensitive data, detect threats, and achieve compliance.

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Thousands of companies use Lepide to protect their data and detect threats

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Collects data from critical on-premises and cloud resources

On-premise platforms
Cloud platforms

NIST CSF Alignment: Identify + Protect

Identify risk and add protection layers.

See your active threat surface

Identify misconfigurations and security states that are increasing the risk to your sensitive data, including open shares, users with excessive permissions, and stale data.

Clean up Active Directory

Identify Active Directory states that are increasing your threat surface, including inactive users, users with non-compliant passwords, and more.

AD risk assessment dashboards
Implement zero trust

Identify Active Directory states that are increasing your threat surface, including inactive users, users with non-compliant passwords, and more.

Classify sensitive data

Add context to reports with persistent data classification. Find out where sensitive data is, who has access to it, and what’s happening to it.


NIST CSF Alignment: Detect + Respond

Detect and respond to threats in real time

Analyze user behavior

Learn what the normal behavior of your users looks like and get alerts delivered in real time whenever that behavior deviates from the established baseline.

Implement threat detection workflows

Pre-defined threat models and workflows enable you to automatically detect the symptoms of threats, including ransomware, privilege abuse, insider threats, and more.

Advanced threat detection workflows - screenshot
Respond to threats in real time

Real time alerts are delivered to email, to the console, or to our mobile app. Automate scripts and workflows off the back off alerts to speed up threat response.


NIST CSF Alignment: Recover

Recover and investigate incidents

Detailed audit logs for investigations

Our detailed audit logs consolidate noisy event logs into a single pane of glass. This makes it not only easy-to-read, but also searchable, sortable, and filterable.

AD risk assessment dashboards
Simplified incident analysis

Use our detailed audit log to easily investigate security incidents and produce reports fit for auditors.

AD risk assessment dashboards
Recovery capabilities

Restore deleted objects back to their original state to avoid disruption and downtime.

AD risk assessment dashboards
The Lepide Data Security Platform is incredibly lightweight. It is a single Windows application that uses SQL to store all of its collected log data and information. There are full scalability options to support even the largest enterprise deployment.
We only use agents where absolutely necessary, mainly to remove gaps in an audit trail that are quite often found in native log sources. Depending on the data sources and systems you want to monitor will determine whether or not you require an agent. For example, for Active Directory, an agent is not required. For Windows File Servers an agent is required but this is purely because native auditing lacks critical information such as when files are copied.
No, admin credentials are not required for the Lepide Data Security Platform. Being a security platform, the solution operates on a least privilege model ensuring our service accounts only require the necessary privileges to operate optimally.
All of the pre-requisites to install and configure the solution, as well as the supported servers for auditing can be found in this guide
Our documentation center contains useful guides to help you set up and use the solution for a number of different use cases. You can access them all on this page