Simplified event log browsing of any local and remote computer in the network. Filter piles of event logs to find required events instantly

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Browse Windows & W3C Event Logs

Lepide Event Log Manager provides simplified platform for event log browsing for further analysis and assessment. With available event filtration options, it becomes easy and time effective to extract required event details from huge piles of event logs.

Administrators dealing with native Windows event viewing tool face limitations that proves to be a hindrance in effective events monitoring; some of these limitation are:

  • Admins need to move to individual workstations and servers in the network and scroll through its log which could be a time-consuming and inefficient way of monitoring system logs particularly in bigger organizations.
  • They lack a common platform to consolidate and view Windows events, Application and Service events, and W3C events through a common interface.
  • Windows event viewer lacks sufficient filtering option that may cause delay in identifying and viewing requisite log.

Lepide Event Log Manager simplifies browsing event logs of any computer available within the network as well as makes event browsing more requirement-specific:

  • View and scroll through events logs of any remote server or workstation in the network through a centralized platform.
  • Filter events on the basis of Event Type, Event Source, Event Id and Date range to find and view required events from bulky log files.
  • Sort and delete events while browsing.
  • Save events to PDF or HTML format for taking print out or sharing over network.

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Damir Dizdarevic Microsoft MVP

Lepide company, relatively unknown in our local market, is offering a very solid solution for centralized event log management. It is definitely the software that needs.

Anand Khanse Microsoft MVP

Lepide Event Log Manager (LELM) collects network-wide events and presents them in an easy way to make log comprehension and compliance settlement simpler.